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Recurring chemical pregnancies

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citybranch Fri 22-Aug-08 10:55:05

I first had a CP about a year ago although were not TTC at the time so went on the pill after. Then came off pill 4 months ago and have had 2 CPs in a row since. I guess the pill is out of my system as i am ovulating, and sperm seems to be meeting egg, but I am now concerned that there is an underlying problem. My breasts have also been leaking milk for a couple of months. I was assuming it was an unusual early pregnancy symptom but it is happening now and have just had the second CP.

Has anyone had any experience? I'm thinking thyroid prob/hormonal imbalance?
Will the docs take me seriously as I have only been TTC for 4 months? Don't think I could go on for a year having CP after CP. I'm quite young (25) but DH is 42 so we don't want to leave it too long. We have a DS (20 months) who was conceived with no probs.

ShowOfHands Fri 22-Aug-08 11:00:49

Chemical pregnancies are very, very common as I'm sure you know, but a quick google reveals:

"The vast majority of women who experience a chemical pregnancy go on to have happy and healthy pregnancies in the future.. In fact, the chances of experiencing multiple chemical pregnancies are quite slim. However, if you have suffered from two or more chemical pregnancies, it could be a sign of an underlying reproductive problem, so be sure to consult with your health care provider or reproductive specialist"

It goes on to mention possible need for hormone treatments so that could account for the leaking milk perhaps- a hormonal imbalance.

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