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not sure what's going on - advice please!!!!

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katylou25 Wed 20-Aug-08 10:35:52

Right I'm in cycle no 4 ttc no 3. Came off the pill in March, since then cycles have been 30-31 days as they always are when I 'm not on pill. However I'm now on day 38 - no period, have tested on day 32, 35 and today and all neg. Feel really tired, sicky and sore boobs and was convinced i was pregnant, but apparently not, so WTF is going on!?! Any advice or experience would be great, I just want to know what my body's doing!

AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 20-Aug-08 10:44:48

I would not test any more in such circumstances; seeing repeated negatives can be very disheartening. I think your period will come in time; it may be that this month this will be one in which ovulation has not occured (it is possible to have a period without ovulating). Also a cycle over 35 days in length can sometimes be an anovulatory one.

Sometimes a person can have the occasional late cycle; this does not mean to say that anything is wrong in your case particularly as your cycles have been of a consistent length till now.

Would not worry too much but just keep an eye on your cycles. If they were to continue being consistently later than your previous normal it is best to visit your GP and have a blood test done. This would give an accurate pucture of what your hormone levels are like.

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