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Breastfeeding and TTC- reassure me!!

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Ilovebeingamummy Tue 19-Aug-08 21:17:46

Hi wonderful mumsnetters esp those tcc!

I have just convinced DH (over dinner!) that TTC no.3 (in 3 years) is a good idea.... I am probably mad but he has now agreed!!

My children are 3.2 and 18 months. The LO was almost weaned but has recently started breastfeeding morning and evening and occasionally for very short periods in the day if he gets grumpy. I don't think he is getting much milk from me really (but how do you tell?!) but am concerned about this making ttc difficult.

I weaned my first child at 9mths completely to ttc number 2 which worked after 2x 45 day cycles. I have been having fairly regular periods around 30 days for 5 months so is that a good indication that I should be able to conceive OK despite the feeding?

I really don't want to just stop letting him feed when we both enjoy it just because we are ttc and would like to tandem feed if it worked out right for all (although am emotionally prepared for him to self-wean if that happens!)

What are your experiences of feeding and ttc - did you have to stop??

pinkspottywellies Tue 19-Aug-08 22:52:54

Can't answer personally because dd weaned just before I concieved dc2 but I know of 2 friends in real life who conceived while still bf and have heard of lots of people on here.

If you're having regular periods I can't see why it should be a problem. Good Luck!

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