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Shall I test or not?

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leaky Sun 17-Aug-08 20:05:04

Help. I know it's way too early to test, I'm on CD22 of 34 day cycle & reckon I OV'd mid to end of last week BUT when I went to hairdressers yesterday to get my hair coloured,the beach took then the toner on top went completely wrong.They tried to fix it & it went wrong again & my hairdresser asked if I could be pregnant! Well little did she know!
I've got 3 tests at home,one is a cheapie one & wondered if it's worth wasting it.Could it show anything yet?
My hair looks fine now by the way!

peanutbutterkid Mon 18-Aug-08 18:53:23

What'd you do, leaky? I never tested at all with 2 of my pregnancies, funny enough, I just reckoned once I was 2 weeks late there was only one answer.

leaky Mon 18-Aug-08 22:13:46

I'd be sooo excited.I don't know how you could wait til 2 wks late.It's bad enough waiting just now til AF is due which is still another 11 days. Sometimes I think my boobs are tingly but now I'm just really trying to tell myself not to get my hopes up hmm

peanutbutterkid Tue 19-Aug-08 12:03:04

I think that's it for me, leaky, I can't change the outcome by testing either, and then it can go wrong... so time is the only guarantee, iyswim.
But good luck, either way!

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