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What is clomid?

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Jael Sun 17-Aug-08 19:02:17

Hiya, my SIL has just been prescribed clomid;she is 40 and has had 4 MC one which was at around 5 months, was just wondering, as I don't want to ask her too many questions, what does Clomid do? Jael x

spongebrainbigpants Sun 17-Aug-08 20:14:06

Hi Jael, so sorry to hear about your SIL's m/cs - that must have been devastating for her sad.

Clomid is a drug that stimulates ovulation and should be prescribed for women who don't ovulate or who ovulate infrequently. Without knowing an awful lot more about your SIL's medical history I can't really understand why she's been prescribed it - she doesn't appear to have any problem falling pg, her problem appears to be staying pg and clomid will do nothing to help that.

Sorry can't be more help blush.

Jael Sun 17-Aug-08 21:08:49

I know nothing about the drug itself, and all she's said to me is that it makes you ovulate more. I thought you could only ovulate once a month though? The thing is, is she's got children already, but she's been with her new partner for 6 years and wants to have a baby with him, does the fact that she's severely overweight affect her chances too?

spongebrainbigpants Tue 19-Aug-08 11:59:42

Oh god, yes, being severely overweight would definitely affect her chances. I lost 6 stone because my ovulation was erratic and my ovulation became text book as soon as I lost the weight. You can only ovulate once a month but some women don't even manage that so clomid helps to make sure ovulation takes place every month - there is an increased risk of twins though as it can over-stimulate your ovaries.

However, her first step should definitely be to lose the weight. I've just had my first child through IVF and went back to see my consultant yesterday and asked her how important it was to get the weight off before I tried again - she said "every pound counts".

Obviously there will always be stories of hugely obese women getting pg, but if you're over weight and having problems conceiving then losing the weight is the best thing you can do. 3 of my friends did it (all v overweight, thought they couldn't conceive naturally, lost the weight and bang, pg!).

Didn't work for me cos I have blocked tubes, but that's another story!

spongebrainbigpants Tue 19-Aug-08 12:00:25

Meant to say, being overweight can increase your chances of m/c too.

Jael Tue 19-Aug-08 12:11:07

I spoke to her yesterday and she's due to start the clomid next week. She has been going to the gym and she's cut out alcohol etc, but she is severely overweight, should they still of prescribed clomid? She's also looking at IVF as I think she is eligible for one course on the NHS as her partner does not have any children, do you have to be a certain weight before theyll let you have IVF too?

spongebrainbigpants Tue 19-Aug-08 19:45:49

Jael, personally I think it's pretty irresponsible of the doctors to prescribe her clomid when she's severely overweight and she'll certainly struggle to get IVF on the NHS if her BMI is over 30. When you say severely overweight, do you know what her BMI is? She is not doing herself any favours trying to get pg when she is so overweight - was she very big when she had the m/cs.

I would also be staggered if she gets IVF on the NHS if she already has children - has she checked this? I've known childless women be turned down for IVF cos their partner has children by another woman so I would imagine the same would be true for them. Her children would rule her out of free treatment I'm afraid.

Jael Tue 19-Aug-08 20:28:38

Well shes around 5 foot, and at a guess I'd say she's no less than 14 stone. I don't know for definate though. And yes she's been the same weight for the four years I've known her.

Twiglett Tue 19-Aug-08 20:31:25

I had clomid for a luteal phase defect despite the fact I was ovulating fine .. it was used to boost my system for some reason and worked first cycle on low dosage

alfiemama Tue 19-Aug-08 21:47:56

Hi everyone smile

First time on this thread, though shamefully admit to lurking.grin

I tried for 5 years with first lo and was prescribed clomid and was successful second time. Second little one was BANG! First month completley ala natural and now trying for third, hence the lurking.

hope this helps.

If I can help at all please let me know ie how you feel on it etc.

Hope this helps, fingers crossed for sil

spongebrainbigpants Wed 20-Aug-08 13:57:25

Jael, that would put her at a BMI of around 38 - she would never get IVF on the NHS with that BMI, and alot of private clinics may refuse her too. If she lost the weight she may find she can conceive and carry naturally, although age is going to be increasingly against her.

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