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a few truly daft questions re; conception.

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secretbonker Sun 17-Aug-08 18:05:53

if I did the deed on thursday knowing I ovulated then what is the very earliest a test would show a true result?

is it possible that my boobs could hurt already?

or am i already driving myself mental?

Jools1 Sun 17-Aug-08 18:15:21

I think the 2WW is designed to drive people mental !!

I'm no expert - this is only my second cycle trying to conceive, but had sore, large boobs 2 days after ovluation last month and this month - am convinced my body is playing tricks on me !

So, I guess it may be something or it may be nothing ! I've read other people posting that their boobs get sore a few DPO

Twiglett Sun 17-Aug-08 18:15:27

10 days (although think there's new test on the market that's earlier but seems pretty pointless to me)

How do you know you ovulated .. only OPKs or charting will be acceptable answer

THe mind can do amazing things re sore boobs .. and sore boobs can also be pre-cursor to period .. but wouldn't be a sign of pregnancy yet as has only been 3 days

you're already driving yourself mental .. but you konw that don't you .. may I suggest mindfulness meditation

secretbonker Sun 17-Aug-08 18:21:41

yes am mental. i know. i 'know' when i ovulate. it hurts.
tis a long and boring tale.
have 2 DDs who are 9 and 11.
in 2001 i had an ectopic and tried actively for 3 years after that with no success. then stopped trying and went on the pill for a few years. now stopped taking the pill about a year ago. have avoided shagging aroung ovulation since until the overwhelming need to try again reared its ugly head again.
so you see am out of practice with all this TTC business. will try not to obsess too much. ha ha ha.

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