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cracking open a digital test???

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nelix2000 Sun 17-Aug-08 09:21:46

right, I got the free clear blue trial test.....did it this morning, CD 34, do know I am late....the test said not pregnant....I stare in disbeleif....withing 10 minutes I crack it open because I dont beleive the "not pregnant" words thinking at least if it was a line test...there may be a chance the other line (faint) could come up.....its what happened with DS1 he was nothing but a faint line of hope. Plus I am hormonal crazy and I went at the test with a knife. When I opened it the test strip had a strong test line AND a faint other line.....what does this mean????....the test was not left sitting for was no more than 10 mins from pee to knife blush I am crazy hormone lady......but what does it mean????

lou031205 Sun 17-Aug-08 09:27:16

Hmm, I am pregnant, about 5 weeks when I used the clearblue trial test.

Mine came up with pregnant, 2-3.

When I opened it, there was one test strip that was just a solid blue line - that was the pregnant one. (I think there may have been the very faintest second line).

The other, had a very dark first line, and a lighter second line, and I believe that if I had been 3+ weeks I would have seen a third line.

I reckon you need to go and get a Sainsbury's own test. They are accurate to 25iu/ml, and can be used 4 days before you are due. They are also a lovely purple colour and cost £3.99 for two.

ScaryHairy Sun 17-Aug-08 21:15:20

AFAIK the lines on a digital test are not the same as those on a normal test and they do come up with 2 lines for non-pregnant women.

See here for an explanation.

You should probably go get a cheap normal test just to make sure.

Also, you say you are late, but do you know when you ovulated? Maybe you ovulated late?

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