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Very excited - has anyone else received the Clearblue new pregnancy test???

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munchiesmama Fri 15-Aug-08 11:24:35

I know how sad am I to be excited that I have received a pregnancy test! It is the new Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test with conception indicator grin

From this link

I have'nt even ovulated yet so I have quite a wait to use it....... did anyone else get one??? When are you testing???

Fingers crossed for all of us xxx

Smittals Fri 15-Aug-08 11:30:36

Tis rather fancy - I tested this morning and got a BFP! Not sure I'd pay more for the conception indicator but could be really useful with erratic cycles I guess! Good luck grin

munchiesmama Fri 15-Aug-08 11:32:11

Congratulations!!!!!! Have you been trying long?

ScaryHairy Fri 15-Aug-08 11:50:13

What is the conception indicator?
Congratulations Smittals. grin
Hope mine arrives soon (and delivers a BFP too!).

DisenchantedPlusBump Fri 15-Aug-08 11:51:14

Did you get an email or anything saying you would get one or did it just turn up out of the blue?

Jael Fri 15-Aug-08 11:51:42

I got mine this morning, am not testing till next saturday though, when I'll be CD28. It does look rather fancy though, think I'm gonna give it to my DP along with my others, so i don't test early lol Congratulations Smittals xxx

munchiesmama Fri 15-Aug-08 12:01:50

ScaryHairy the conception indicator tells you how pregnant you are (from conception rather than from last af) 1-2 weeks, 2-3 weeks, or 3 weeks +. Guess it might not be so useful to some ttcers who could nearly tell you down to the last second when they concieved grin

Disenchanted it just arrived in the post this morning out of the blue.

munchiesmama Fri 15-Aug-08 12:06:26

Fingers crossed Jael xx

hurryhurry Fri 15-Aug-08 12:10:09

Hi! I was reading this earlier hoping I'd receive one ... and mine just came in the mail!! Sweet!! smile

Now if only I can get pg before the end of October ...

Congratulations Smittals grin ... lucky lady!!

Disenchanted - I didn't receive an email or any forewarning, it just appeared in the mail.

Good luck to everyone!

ScaryHairy Fri 15-Aug-08 12:21:56

MM - Does it do that by measuring HCG levels? <ttc obsessive>

RipMacWinkle Fri 15-Aug-08 12:22:53

Just got mine too - is it too much to hope that it will make this month lucky for me??

Is almost too fancy to use. I'm too sad these days grin

PussinJimmyChoos Fri 15-Aug-08 12:26:53

Got mine today too! Due to test 10th Sept so a way to go yet..fingers x'd for not impressed with the conception indicator though as don't really see the requirement for it - scans work all that out but I guess for women on the pill who have had an accident it will be useful...

DisenchantedPlusBump Fri 15-Aug-08 12:32:16

I just did mine! lol

RipMacWinkle Fri 15-Aug-08 12:34:51

Ha! Am sure that's cheating. Am curious though - did the conception indicator bit work for you?

DisenchantedPlusBump Fri 15-Aug-08 12:40:00

It did, obviously I knew I was pregnant already (but I love doing PG tests)

It just said 3+ weeks

munchiesmama Fri 15-Aug-08 12:41:14

Scary Hairy - yes. Hope u get one xx

bluestarlavender Fri 15-Aug-08 12:57:13

I got one!! I agree with Ripmacwinkle, it's almost too nice to use. I think I'll have to wait for a normal BFP, before I use mine!


heverhoney1 Fri 15-Aug-08 13:12:51

I got mine too - going to hand it over to DP as soon as he gets home so that I dont waste it!!

lou031205 Fri 15-Aug-08 13:41:49

Ohh, this thread made me go and check - I had missed the post. My children are asleep, but I can't wait to see how PG I am!

lou031205 Fri 15-Aug-08 14:22:09

Ok, so I think it is pretty good. Not FMU, just a couple of hours after a cup of tea.

Result: Pregnant, 2-3.

My Fertility Friend Chart says that ovulation occured exactly 3 weeks ago, so conception must have occured 2-3 weeks ago.

lou031205 Fri 15-Aug-08 14:24:44

Does anyone know where the feedback survey is?

numpty1972 Fri 15-Aug-08 14:28:21

i only found this site the other day and applied for one, so not sure if i was too late or if i'm gonna get one. i hope so, been ttc for 3 years now, just started second course of clomid yesturday, so fingers crossed i will get one and get some good news nxt month!!!.

lou031205 Fri 15-Aug-08 14:29:30

numpty1972 you should get one because they need 1000 people.

bluestarlavender Fri 15-Aug-08 14:32:26

Someone from mumsnet has been jumping on threads today to let people know to sign up for these, so I think there must be a few left!!


numpty1972 Fri 15-Aug-08 14:37:02

how long after you applied did you recieve it, was it a long wait???

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