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When do I test - I need help!

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littlemissmischief Fri 15-Aug-08 09:07:18

most of you ladies know me and my problems already as Ive joined nearly every thread... but really need some sort of advice.

I dont have regular periods, I can have 3 in one month or none for months at a time! We have been trynig to concieve for a few months, but this month we timed it all properly and everything an have been symptom spotting all the time. My period ended on 26th June and think I ovulated 6th August so when do I test as I cant think oh well my period is due Monday so ill test then,, do i still go by the same princple???

Any help or advice welcome smile

heverhoney1 Fri 15-Aug-08 09:13:47

I have very irregular periods too but I figure that it is the time before OV that should vary (Dont take my word on this though it is as yet an untested theory)so once you have figured out when you OV wait at least 14 days (Sorry about the wait - that would be the 20th for you) and try testing then. Good luck hope it is a BFP xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

littlemissmischief Fri 15-Aug-08 11:54:02

Thanks so much Heverhoney1 that really helps me so I will TRY to wait till the 20th that doesnt seem too bad actually not as long as i was thinking so fingers crossed for then smile

heverhoney1 Fri 15-Aug-08 12:02:29

I will also me testing my theory around the 20th so we can hold hands!!! either that or my af will start and I will be cheering you on from the sidelines!!!

littlemissmischief Fri 15-Aug-08 12:14:25

Ah bless, you can be my weeing partner smile Or maybe I will be cheering you from the sideline but hopefully we will both get the BFP we deserve and we can have a bottle of (non alcholic) Bubbly to celebrate. Ive know told my mum about ttc and she said to wait until 4th Sept to do a test!! I said you must be joking do you know how much will power it takes to not do one now lol!!

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