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How did baby number 3 change your life??

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Nicky79 Thu 14-Aug-08 10:50:53

I know lots of lovely ladies out there have got 3 or more babies. I always wanted 4, but 2 already seems like a lot of work. I have a G-4 and B-1. My husband really isn't keen, but think he'll go with what I want.
What I want to know is for all those ladies that have had 3 or more, how has it changed your life from having 2? would you say it was a big change, or did number 3 just fit right in?
I'm only 29 so I have time on my side, but feel I'd like to have a smaller age gap this time.
What do you all think??

StormInanEcup Thu 14-Aug-08 11:16:48

Message withdrawn

inni Wed 20-Aug-08 11:17:39

we are ttc our 3rd. DS is 2.9 nad DD 1.I would like to know too, what is like to have three. My DH is as happy as I am to get preg again so we hope we are soon. Some women think that is more difficult from 1 to 2 than from 2 to three I sure hope that. I know will be really hard the three under 3.6 but it'll be worth it.

Thomcat Wed 20-Aug-08 11:25:02

I have a DD1 of 6.5 but has SN's so has development age of a 2/3 yr old. A DD2 of 2.5 and a 10 month old.

I love having 3, it just feels so right.

Differences - well it's mad how much more washing there is. I found buying a 4 slice toaster was a good idea! All 3 of mine need a buggy on a day out so that can be hard and needs 2 adults to really take them all out. 3 car seats in back of car. Any spare time you might have had with 2 is lost forever. Getting 3 of them into the bathroom to brush teeth together is a tight fit! My small house suddenly seems a LOT smaller. When DD1 and DD2 are kicking off or bickereing, being mad and boisterous and DD3 wants to be breastfed quietly or joins inscreaming it's really, really mad and a bit stressful for a moment.

It's the best thing that ever happened to me, I love it!

scorpio1 Wed 20-Aug-08 11:27:18

my dc are 6, 3 & 4 months

dc3 just settled right in, the least change of all of the babies, iyswim.

mum2jai Wed 20-Aug-08 20:29:15

DS1 was 3.5 and DD was 2.5 when we had DS2. Life changes were:

1 New car - our estate car (would you believe it) wouldn't fit 3 across in the back so we got a Toyota Verso - a 7 seater and it's great.

2 DS1 and DD who had always shared had to learn to sleep on his own - he still misses her!

3 You don't have enough hands. A friend described it as going from man to man marking to zone defence - he was absolutely right! DS2 is now 2, and out of the buggy - it's a bit like herding cats!

4 It was easier to keep them entertained. The more there are the more they seem to just get on with it and keep each other busy. Although it does mean that DS2 is practically feral. And of course they're better at sharing and helping us around the house because they've had to be.

5 Childcare got massively more expensive. As did food bills and holidays. It also seemed to double the kid's washing which I've never understood...

6 It's noisy.

7 But it's huge fun. I can't think of anything better - except possibly 4 (but sadly we lost our 4th just a couple of months ago when I was nearly 21 weeks pregnant sad).

It's only changed our lives for the better having number 3. He was the easiest to cope with and, yes, he slotted right in. I was worried about DS1 and DD being so close that he would be excluded but that hasn't happened at all - he's just very, very loved.

Hope that's helped. And FWIW I think you should go for it!


Nicky79 Thu 21-Aug-08 08:56:52

Hi thanks for that,
mum2jai, I'm sorry to hear about your sad news
This is also a worry of mine. I have had 7 pregnancies, and only 2 babies. I'm worried how I will cope if the worst happened again.
But I think your right about just going for it, even the hubby is coming around to the idea. (just says he'll have to work 8 days a week! Tee Hee.

mum2jai Fri 22-Aug-08 00:30:37

So sorry to hear of your losses sad. That must be very hard for you. We're in a similar position. It's only been a couple of months since we lost Jai and we're thinking of trying again (time is ticking for me as I'm 39) but are terrified in case we lose another.

I think we will only go for another if the prospect of never having another is worse than the prospect of losing another IYSWIM.

Good luck with your decision! smile

1dilemma Fri 22-Aug-08 00:49:30

For me 2-3 was way worse than 1-2. 2 you can control you have enough hands if there are 2 of you you can take one each.
3 you are outnumbered 1 kicks off the other runs off and you just have to hope the third is tied down or else you've had it.
I paid more in childcare then I earnt
we need more space
1 rainy day and I'm stuffed laundry wise
food /car etc all potential increases.
The hearding cats description is very accurate I have nightmares of emergencies/problems and not being able to get them all to do what is needed.

However don't get me wrong I wanted more than 2 (still do) would love another (but with a bigger age gap) and dc3 is very much loved.

It probably also didn't help that dc3 is a monkey in training, climbs onto kitchen cabinets/out of cot/pushchair runs a mile a minute and wont speak grin

There are loads of threads about this, if you search generally the feeling is positive

1dilemma Fri 22-Aug-08 00:50:38

oh I think once the 3rd is 2 there is no more staying in 1 hotel room officially you need 2 so agree re holidays

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