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Apologies if TMI, but need advice re luteal defect and AF

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KiwiKat Wed 13-Aug-08 14:50:44

I read a post a while back, which unfortunately I can't find now, about someone who had dlp and whose AF was very stop/start. Mine has been like this since it returned after ds (now 2) was born, and I have been worried about it enough to go for a check at the doctor. The doc knew nothing about it and told me that it was normal and I would be fine. Since then we've been TTC, and when I started charting (on our third cycle now), discovered that I had a short luteal phase - then I found that a number of people's AF were also affected by this. Can anyone tell me why this happens, and what to do about it? I've been taking vitamin B Complex, which does seem to have lengthened the luteal phase, and have just started Agnus Castus, as this has been given the thumbs up, but AF is still misbehaving.

KiwiKat Wed 13-Aug-08 17:04:00


NappyValley Fri 15-Aug-08 22:13:11

Hi KiwiKat I have the same situation.

My LP after DS dropped to 9 days and then further down to 7 days. There are many reasons for this, but it is worth asking your GP to do some Day2-4 and Day21 blood tests.
With a short LP, particularly if you ovulate late the day21 test will probably not be much use, as your progesterone levels are not reaching high enough levels so the oestrogen kicks in and AF arrives.
Day2-4 is looking at your FSH (folicle stimulating hormones) which should be 7 or lower I think) and day21 is looking for progesterone to be higher than 30.

Check the results yourself, as my GP said my FSH was fine and it was actually really bad and we wasted a lot of time over that!

People do get pregnant with a short LP, but it is hard and can be a sign that your body is starting to slow down and getting ready for a pre-menopausal state (don't panic it is not over yet!!)

It can also be caused by the womb lining not being thick enough.

Agnus Castus can help, as can vit B6, but when I took the B6 it gave me major PMT symptoms for a month and I could not sleep well (it also stimulates your central nervous system)

I can tell you that Clomid did balance my cycle out.

I am not a doctor and this is just what I have found out over the last 18months of looking into this.

If you can get you LP to 11 that is all you need, it does not need to be 14.

Hope that helps?

summerlovin Sat 16-Aug-08 11:12:25

Hi KiwiKat - I responded to you on another thread!! But I am in the same boat and don't know much about it either. My LP is about 9 days at the moment and I am worried this is not long enough. I asked a GP about this too - but don't think they know much about it. We probably know more from sites like this! Am thinking of going to a specialist - haven't been to one yet. What do you think?

NappyValley Fri 22-Aug-08 19:14:29

summerlovin it is possible to still conceive with a short LP but I would still reckon it is worth asking your GP to do Day2 and Day21 blood tests, and see what that tells you first.

Having said that we have spent a year from going to GP to going thru NHS and now private. For £600ish we could have had blood tests, sperm tests and internal exam done to check all the major fertility issues and would have been here a year ago!

But you pay NI and should get the NHS to pay for the blood tests.

btw we thought that was the problem for me, but it turns out DH has poor swimmers too, so you never really know!!! grin

KiwiKat Mon 25-Aug-08 21:25:29

Thanks for the advice about the different bloodtests, NappyValley. That will be the next thing to do.

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