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Anyone had/know about hyperstimulated ovaries?

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Tigerschick Tue 12-Aug-08 15:32:23

I have got mildly hyperstimulated ovaries. The sonographer this morning said that there were too many follicles to count and she measured one at random which was 3.5 cm across.

I'm in mild discomfort pretty much all the time - feels a bit like indigestion - then I get really intense cramp type pains that come and go.

I've been told to keep my fluids up, to take pain killers as needed and to go for a blood test in the morning ... but I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or advice about ways to manage things other than this.

Also, do you know how long it is likely to last?
TIA smile

Tigerschick Tue 12-Aug-08 16:03:00

Anyone?? smile

Sticki Wed 13-Aug-08 16:51:42

Hi Tigerschick

Hope you are feeling a bit better? What happened with your bloods today? Normally they keep a close eye on you, and may reduce your dosage etc. The hormone levels help the Dr understand the extent of the hyperstimulation.

Ive had overstimulated ovaries at all 4 ivfs. Some worse than others. Yes, keep your fluids up (and have a high protein diet if poss for all those eggs). At EC Ive had between 15-22 eggs.

I am usually in quite alot of discomfort after about 4/5 days stims - walking becomes sore as each step presses on the full ovaries. How long? Well, Ive defo had continued discomfort until 5+ days after EC (in fact I think it got worse between EC and ET). The worse bit was pain up under my ribs which made it tricky to breathe but that lessened after a couple of days.

Not sure if that helps. If you are unsure, or worried I would really talk to your clinic urgently - rarely it can be dangerous.

Good luck

miloopy Wed 13-Aug-08 17:22:47

hi tigerchick, sorry to hear you are feeling crook. I didn't have much luck this cycle, the folicles started growing then stopped, there seemed to of lots of folicles just not growing much. I have just had the day 21 test to see if I ovulated. Feeling pretty crampy so I don't think we are in luck this month.

Tigerschick Wed 13-Aug-08 17:31:31

Thanks both smile
The discomfort is a lot less today. My bloods came back normal so now I just have to wait ...

Stiki, the hyperstimulation was unintentional; I'm not going through IVF. I didn't respond to Clomid or Metformin so I was put onto Puregon which caused me to produce seven potentially viable follicles. My consultant told me to use Pregnyl (hCG) and wait for a period ... from my specialist's comments today, I think that she didn't agree with his instructions! (And from what I read on a website about hyperstimulation, I agree with her) She's put me on 'open door' with a ward at the hosp in case I get shortness of breath or vomiting, fingers tightly crossed that I don't need to call them!

Miloopy, hope that you get better results next cycle; I was originally told that it can take a couple of cycles for the drugs to get into your system. Good luck smile

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