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Water Retention

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Jools1 Mon 11-Aug-08 08:17:41


Since TTC, my last two cycles have seen me put on an enormous amount of water weight a couple of days after OV. My stomach gets so big, it looks like I've put half a stone on overnight - quite embarrassing for someone who is in the gym most days and everyone knows is actively trying to lose weight It is uncomfortable aswell - I almost need a separate wardrobe ! I then spend day 2 of AF on the loo every half hour - got me last month as a pregnancy symptom and produced a few hours of confusion !

If I wasn't TTC, I'd try something like Aqua Ban which I have used in the past to manage the water retention (I used to have this problem as a teenager but it went away for years)

However, Aqua Ban shouldn't be used when PG, so I'm worried about taking it, just in case I do conceive and am just PG when I take it, which would be 10 - 12 days before AF is due

Does anyone have any ideas what may be acceptable to take in this situation, or do you think I just have to put up with it ?

Thanks for your help

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