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New Member - In a pickle

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threekids Sun 10-Aug-08 17:07:38

I have been watching this site for a couple of days, and first of all i have to say that i feel for each and everyone one of you ladies out there trying. I have three children already from 10 to 16 and i remember very clearly going through the pain and trials of trying.

I have a little problem, and really wanted to ask everyone advice.

My DH had the snip five years ago as we felt our family was complete. Up till now i have been fine, never felt that it had "fixed" itself but this months is very different. Not sure if i am just having a senior moment!!

With all my other pregnancies i knew very early, then of course tested too early and got loads of BFN until it was the right time to test.

This month, i feel completely different, i feel like i did with the other three. Pains in breasts, sicknesses, pains in womb etc and i would only be 6DPO.

Anyone got any experience in this?

Grateful for thoughts

blissieblue Sun 10-Aug-08 19:11:35

I was convinced I was pregnant recently - had all the symptoms you describe and a late period. Turned out it's the start of a very early menopause for me sad Not saying that's what it is for you - just that there are other things that can cause early pregnancy type symptoms. GP also tested my thyroid amongst other things.

threekids Sun 10-Aug-08 21:34:18

Hi Bliss

I wouldn't be surprised if its all in my head! We made the decision a long time ago not to have more children and that's why we took drastic action.

I feel for you, I do, and i have to admit that i do wonder if that is what i am approaching, either that or i wondered if i had cysts, i will see what happens.

Unfortunately i have a very obsessive personality, and rather than taking every day as it comes i think lots about the "what ifs" which really lead me to think i was maybe unexpectedly expecting!!

All the best

threekids Fri 15-Aug-08 02:32:45

Well, if i was i would be 10 DPO and i just did a test which was negative.

I still feel very pregnant, sick, falling asleep, metalic taste in mouth all that stuff, and they are getting stronger as the days go on.

I think i should go and see my GP! I cant go on like this. My old man has been really sweet and said that it would be nice if i was (even though he had the snip).

Whats do you think then, pregnant, not pregnant, cysts, in my head?

threekids Sat 16-Aug-08 02:27:56

This is just an update, more for myself really seeing as i have started this thread!

I would be 11 DPO and i am just getting some spotting, it is very unlike me to have an early period, so i am slightly confused.

Symptoms still strong, though very little sickness today, veins in breasts showing up today, needing to pee more than normal etc.

If this is all in my head, then I think i must consider the concept that maybe i do actually want more children sador i have be obsessing about the whole subject.

terrier141 Sat 16-Aug-08 08:38:51

If you think you do want more - you are very welcome to come and join us on the "vasectomy reverseal success??" thread - we are all in the same boat xx

OracleInaCoracle Sat 16-Aug-08 08:44:40

threekids, leave it til tues/weds and retest then!

threekids Sat 16-Aug-08 13:40:29

Terrier, its funny you should say that because when i started to feel unwell i told my DH who said well if your not i will get a reversal, and then he said if i were he would give up his job to be a stay at home Dad!!! So sweet!

But this whole situation is riddled in worry. We live in a very small community, and people will automatically jump to the wrong conclusion. After the snip, 5 years ago, we did actually get caught before the all clear, and people said "whos is it"!. Nature had her way and i did MC but its the miss trust. My DH knows that in the 13 years of marriage i have never been unfaithful but that doesnt stop others thinking it does it.

This is probably why i feel like i need to talk about this with this anonymous group, which is a relief to be honest wink.

I will hang fire and see what comes in the next couple of days. I have no spotting today, but it was just a very tiny amount.

Its the not knowing isnt it!

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