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Clomid - can you get it on the NHS?

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munnzieb Sun 13-Feb-05 16:56:35

Hi just a quick question for my friend, is clomid avaliable on the NHS? (she's just been diagnoised with possibly PCSO (SP)) and was wondering if she would need to pay for it.


Cristina7 Sun 13-Feb-05 17:07:29

It is available on the NHS. It can be prescribed by GPs, not just obs & gynae consultants, but some GPs may want to refer for this as it needs some supervision in the rare case of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS). It's a relatively cheap drug too (£20 or so for one cycle) but the main thing is not so much the cost as taking it at the right time during the cycle, ttc at the "right" time after it, OHSS, whether or not to increase the dose from one cycle to another etc. Good luck.

munnzieb Sun 13-Feb-05 17:11:06

thanks I'll let her know.

MeerkatsUnite Sun 13-Feb-05 19:59:19


Yes it is available on the NHS but ideally it should be prescribed by a gynae consultant (not your GP as they cannot monitor you properly). She should be monitored whilst on it with both blood tests and ultrasounds, particularly if PCOS has been diagnosed.

OHSS is not an issue with clomid as its not powerful enough. This can occur with the injectible drugs (clomid is taken by tablet).

Not all women with PCOS are suitable to take clomid as it can affect their hormone levels markedly. Some women who take this can become clomid resistant in a short space of time so therefore no amount of clomid will help.

She will be told when to take it in her cycle (its usually daily between day 2 and day 6).


munnzieb Sun 13-Feb-05 21:06:29

thanks, the only thing is thou she's not having cycles as such (well 1 AF since last july) do they do a drug to bring AF on?

MeerkatsUnite Mon 14-Feb-05 07:18:23

Not unfortunately surprised to read that only one AF has occured since last July - PCOS is like that, its a PITA.

I also have PCOS and have no real cycle to speak of either. They may just go by calendar days or may decide not to give her clomid at all.

She needs to talk with her cons. asap.


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