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Starting IVF this month? Lets join forces!

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RahRah1 Fri 08-Aug-08 14:39:30

Hi there

I start my nasals on the 28th Aug, so looking to do my IVF Sept.

This is my first cycle of IVF, tried 3 cycles of IUI.

Anyone else doing IVF at the moment and want to start a thread?

mummy2olivia Fri 08-Aug-08 14:44:03

I'm not starting IVF but just wanted to wish you luck RahRah- are you doing your IVF at CRM?

RahRah1 Fri 08-Aug-08 16:35:04

Hi there mummy2olivia

Thanks very much... XX

Yep, was under Richard Kennedy but moved to Mr Kaey now. First cycle is on the NHS so will do it at CRM at Walgrave and then if it does not work then we will decide if to go to another clinic. Saw a consultant that works with Mr Kaey and she was great.. Really impressed

mummy2olivia Fri 08-Aug-08 16:38:05

Good luck rahrah- I have my fingers crossed for you!!


RahRah1 Fri 08-Aug-08 16:53:25

Thanks, much appreciated... XX

NappyValley Fri 08-Aug-08 17:52:27

Hello there missus!!

Yes just back from consultant and we will be starting IVF toward the end of August too. need to wait for next cycle to start which will be in about a week.

big hugs smile

RahRah1 Fri 08-Aug-08 23:27:02

WOOOOHOOOO NAPPY... we will be doing it together... we will have to keep this thread going! Sure there are more peeps out there!

I'm on CD 1 today, so will start my nasals 28th of Aug.....

How do you feel about everything? I'm really positive... but if it does not work... might get very hurt.... but will have to worry about that if it happens.
Maybe I'm getting too excited... I felt like even buying a few things.. maybe I'm going mad!

nomoremagnolia Sun 10-Aug-08 20:06:32

Rah We're all on the "assisted conception and the bits inbetween" thread - some doing IVF others (like me) waiting to go again. Come and join us there

NappyValley Tue 12-Aug-08 22:42:08

Know what you mean about feelings. Mine swing from 1 extreme to the other. I just dread finding out that we are not going to have another baby. Well done on getting something about of the NHS. U get nothing down here if you are under 37! It is such a postcode lottery.

I am so pleased about not having to do nasal sprays. Ours are all injections. I don't know exactly when I am starting, as waiting for my period, and then will book in for my setup appointment which should be around 1 week of September so we should be pretty much in line.

Will be exciting and up and down all at the same time.

I do pop in and out of the assisted conception thread, but feel a bit of a fraud until I actually start the drugs!!!

Glad you are positive. I am totally routing for you. Did you see that Minxi finally got her BFP naturally after 2 years.


rachjane Tue 12-Aug-08 23:05:52

first time ivf have been haveing injections.has any one gone through the treatment.

RahRah1 Wed 13-Aug-08 12:51:59

Hi all

Nappy - What a nightmare having to fund it all... It makes it so much less pressured not having to think about money as well. I only get one go on the NHS, my friend in Luton gets 2 goes and someone I know in Scotland got 6 IUI and 3 IVF. She only got to her 4th IUI and caught and did not need any of the other treatment. Your so right its a total post code lottery... angry
I tried to discourage my clinic from the nasal spray as I have hayfever, but they wanted to continue with the spray. Apparently its all down to cost and the injections cost much more money.

Yep saw Minxi..amazing that you can try all that time and then it finally happens... so frustrating!

rachjane - sorry its my first time too. There is a "assisted conception and the bits inbetween" thread where some of the girlies are on more than their first cycle.

NappyValley Fri 15-Aug-08 22:01:10

Just checking in, still waiting for AF to show up. (it will, as DH &I have had a month off pressure free) I think he is rather excited that he won't have to do anymore semen analysis tests!!!!!wink

I am not thinking about the money too much, as we are lucky that our mortgage is not overly big. It does hurt when you get the invoices though!!!

Have your drugs turned up yet?

RahRah1 Sat 16-Aug-08 22:26:02

Hi there

Picked my drugs up from the clinic on Thursday.... WOOOHOOO... I got a whole bag full grin
I have my base line scan booked in for the 15th but if I come on earlier I might be able to squeeze it in for the 8th and fingers crossed start my injections.

Our mortgage is reasonable... so won't be looking forward to any invoicing.. if this cycle does not work!

NappyValley Sun 17-Aug-08 15:54:44

ooohh drugs!! Keep me posted. Still no sign of AF!! but was not temping this month so don't quite know when OV'd should be in next couple of days at the latest.

goingslowlymad Sun 17-Aug-08 16:31:27

Mr Kay at CRM did my transfer this time last year and I had twins. Best of luck.

Am I right in thinking that the CRM now take all embryos to blastocyst and only transfer one?

onionlove Sun 17-Aug-08 19:04:15

Hiya ladies,
I may be joining a little prematurely but we are hoping to start our first IVF cycle this month (I'm just waiting for the clinic to call back, hopefully tomorrow). We have been diagnosed with unexplained fertility and have been TTC No 1 for nearly 3 years, we are both 37. I've been keeping an eye on you for a while and wondered whether you would mind me joining in?

NappyValley Tue 19-Aug-08 16:34:23

Welcome welcome, you might also want to checkout the Assisted Conception thread which has the old timers and more experienced ladies too, where as we are the newer ones.

I am sorry to hearsad that you have been trying for so long and had no success. Please don't give up hope, but I know that must be hard.

I am one of the odd ones,as I am lucky enough to be blessed with an energetic toddler, but we can't have any more without help (in fact they are a little amazed that we had 1 in the first place - good job he is the spitting image of his dad!!!)

onionlove Tue 19-Aug-08 20:48:29

Hi Nappy,
I have also checked out the assisted conception thread and am getting to know the girls on there too. Thank you

RahRah1 Thu 21-Aug-08 10:12:58


goingslowlymad -Congratulations on your twins..
I have been with Mr Kennedy for 4 years and decided I had enough of him not even acknowledging me when we had an appointment and being a bit too 'opinionated'. When I evenually managed to become pregnant he did my first scan, but then I had loads of problems which I got referred onwards for. Then he was the senior consultant on shift when I was admitted at 20 weeks into gynie emergency dept. He admitted me to the ward in the end, but did not even bother coming to see me. Although I appreciate how busy he must be, there always needs to be some level of 'people skills' when dealing with people! GRRRRR so I have now gone with Mr Kaey and he seems to be more 'people originated'

Funny you should say that about blastocyst, but I was told they were doing that with me due to my past history and not wanting to risk a multiple. But then I also know someone else (vagley) who is attending the CRM for totally different fertility reasons, with no prior pregnancy issues and has been told they with do blastocyst on her too. But when I attended my nurses appointment the other day, she said they will only do blastocyst if I get 5 good eggs. So god knows.. the doctors always say one thing and the nurses another. All I know is I can't risk a multiple due to my last son being born at 24 weeks and the risk of further pregnancies being high risk for prematurity (who know's on this point until I actually manage to have another one)so it made sense when they said we were going for blastocyst.
Mr Kennedy who is the head of the clinic is a big fan of low risk of multiples and would rather singleton to reduce complications.

onionlove - welcome. I'm starting my drugs on the 28th.08 so we might be starting at pretty similar times. We also have unexplained infertility. So annoying when there is nothing wrong, but you have a niggling doubt that there could be and they just can't find it! we have been trying for 2yrs since our last son, who we lost at 24 weeks due to rupture of the membranes and then he had too many problems when born in the neo-natal dept. We had been trying for 18months with him and started TTC straight afterwards, I'm 33 and my dh is 31.

NappyValley - LOL - good job he looks like him then!

I'm off on holiday at the weekend for 12 days.... speak to everyone when I get back.
Lots of Love XX

NappyValley Fri 22-Aug-08 11:11:37

hooray AF finally arrived just in time to spend a week at the in laws!! grin

Managed to get hold of clinic and start up appointment will be 8 sept! so I won't be far behind you Rah.

The 3 consultants at our clinic are all women and it is a pleasant and encouraging change. NHS was a guy. He was OK though.

Have a lovely holiday.

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