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Fertility Aids 'a waste of time'?

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beanieb Fri 08-Aug-08 10:45:42


Says "Artificial insemination and the drug clomifene citrate – which stimulates ovulation – did not offer a substantially improved chance of falling pregnant, the study showed. The research involving 580 women focused on unexplained infertility, where doctors cannot pinpoint problems with couples.

Of those who took part, 17 per cent who had no treatment gave birth, compared with 14 per cent taking clomifene citrate and 23 per cent who underwent artificial insemination."

I'm sure lots of people would disagree!

BrightSideOfLife Fri 08-Aug-08 11:08:36

I saw this, but thought that the key words were 'unexplained fertility'.

If artificial insemination and clomifene citrate are prescribed for specific infertility issues, the success rate is significantly higher.

I felt it was very misleading TBH...

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