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opks AGAIN - confused

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heverhoney1 Fri 08-Aug-08 10:39:23

does anyone want to give me any ideas on what I should be thinking with opk results - Cheepie internet ones = nothing but the fainteds of faint lines

Boots own brand = big fat dark line!!

Had this both today and yesterday but havent used boots ones before so is 2 days normal??? dodgy batch???

biglips Fri 08-Aug-08 10:42:35

yes its normal....get Bd'ing grin....the cheapies are always faint as never dark enough so i start using the CB ovulation test and it was dark....Dark is the ovulation day as tmrw when you do another boots opk test you will see the line start to fade away.

beanieb Fri 08-Aug-08 10:43:05

yes - it's pretty normal to get a couple of days peaks. Are both lines as dark as eachother?

heverhoney1 Fri 08-Aug-08 10:47:36

Thanks guys - The results line is darker than the reference for the second day. Does that mean I ov today??

Sorry for all the questions this is my first proper month of TTC, My cycles are irregular and I was expecting to OV last week according to FF. I am currently on CD 25!!!!

makingafamily Fri 08-Aug-08 11:48:00

Hey Honey

Posted this on another thread but thought i'd post it here too! I use OPK's. At the moment i've got the internet cheapies and they seem to work for me. A few people i know from another site swear by the Smiley Face digital Clear Blue ones and i also know that they have had different readings from different OPK's, so sorry not much help. As soon as next AF arrives i'm going to start using my Clear Blue fertility monitor as apparently thats really reliable My advice would be any lines on any OPK's get BD'ing

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