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Did you have an HSG (method for checking blocked tubes) and then go onto conceive, without any further help?

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Moonlit Thu 07-Aug-08 04:58:12

Hi Ladies,

I am interested in finding out, how many of you have had a HSG on the NHS (or privately) and have then conceived before any further help, for example IUI or IVF etc?

Also, timelines would be good.

Date of HSG and date you became pregnant?

I am testing a theory, that a fertility specialist has put to me.


Housemum Thu 07-Aug-08 12:44:06

Yes - with DD2 we'd been ttc for a couple of years, had a laparoscopy as initial investigation then was pregnant a month later.

DD3 similar scenario but HSG this time as hospital now offered them - again, pregnant nex month (ie one AF then pregnant)

Would be interested to know your theory.

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