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Easier to conceive 2nd time ?! (after fertility treatment)

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beaufies Wed 06-Aug-08 19:43:54

I am 28 weeks pregnant with my first having conceived using IUI. we had 'unexplained infertility' so nothing technically wrong with either of us, other than perhaps the fact that I am 38, DH 37.Other than our outrageously advanced ages winkwe are both fit and healthy.

We are very keen to have another child and I have heard that it is much easier to fall pregnant the 2nd time even if you had problems the first time. Has anyone had any experience of this ?

I know this sounds very premature given that this one is still some way off hatching yet but we will have to get on with it fairly soon after this ones arrival before I really am past itshock

mslucy Wed 06-Aug-08 20:05:45

can go both ways.
have a friend who took ages to conceive no 1 and used clomid. It worked for her after a couple of cycles and she has a lovely dd who is 2 in Feb.
she is now pg with no 2 - a total surprise

I was the opposite - conceived ds1 naturally but needed help for another one and am now pg after IUI.

I am also 38 (as is my friend).

The human body is a mysterious thing smile

TattyCatty Wed 06-Aug-08 20:18:08

Many congratulations - my DD was an IUI baby so know how special it feels! I also have a friend who took 10 years to conceive her first, finally via ICSI and then fell pregnant extremely unexpectedly with her second about a year later.

I was diagnosed with PCOS and did ask my consultant if being pregnant would "fix" the problem, and he was very honest and said that no, it was a fundamental problem that doesn't just go away. We've decided to stick at one, as I can't face going through the whole rollercoaster of fertility treatment again, but fingers crossed that you are able to conceive again when you want to. Enjoy your first baby!

Katmac Wed 06-Aug-08 20:28:43

I was diagnosed with PCOS and conceived after 3 cycles of clomid and a really dark time when thought I might not ever have children. Then 10 months later fell pg naturally.
DD is now 4 and DS 2 1/2. Periods which were once every 3-6 months are now as regular as clockwork. smile

beaufies Thu 07-Aug-08 13:42:13

Thanks ladies

It seems that we'll have to wait and see but that assistance next time is not a certainty which is a definate positive.

I don't know about you but I have had the feeling that unless you've had IVF nobody understands quite how disruptive and stressful it can be, and most people don't even know what IUI is ! (including my MW hmm)

lastboxoftampons Thu 07-Aug-08 13:51:43

Hi there

I haven't been through it, but I know of two people personally who went through hell to conceive #1 and were completely taken by surprise by #2! So best of luck to you! smile

I would think for people who've been diagnosed, it's slightly easier as at least they know what the problem is? But if you do have a condition, do they make you 'try' for however long they make you try (6mos, 1 year, etc) before they'll consider treatment? And how many children would the NHS allow you treatment for? I never thought much about it, we'd always thought we'd have two children, but what if someone that required treatment to get pregnant wanted, say, 6 kids? Where does the NHS draw the line?

Sorry, these things all came to mind after reading your question...I hope they're not too insensitive, personal, etc... smile

Gmakes3 Thu 07-Aug-08 21:58:40

Had I was 36 and had IUI after 7 years of trying and had my miracle DD. Got preg naturally 10 months later out of the blue. Sadly lost the baby. Now been trying for 1 year and starting IUI again 2morrow. Also my friend was exactly the same but went full term 2nd time with a beautiful DD. So in my expierience yes your fertlity gets a kick start. Good luck with no1 and no2.x

pgwithnumber3 Thu 07-Aug-08 22:06:07

I had a laparoscopy when I was 23 which diagnosed severely damaged fallopian tubes and was told my odds of conceiving naturally were nil.

Had DD1 when I was 27 after undergoing ICSI (DH also had a low sperm count).

5 years later DD2 was conceived naturally, much to our and our Dr's amazement. Thought it was a one-off miracle.

Lo and behold, 6 months after having DD2, I fell pregnant, naturally again with DC3 (now 14 wks pg).

So, for me, yes it did come easier!

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Hopefully you will be able to conceive a sibling easier.

WarmFuzzy Thu 07-Aug-08 22:26:17

DS1 was IUI, I was 36. No further treatment. DS2 turned up about two years later. Very early miscarriage in between.

DC no.3 now on the way - I kind of assumed I still had fertility ishoos even after DS2 grin - doh.

So, in my experience it was well easy. Hope it is for you too.

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