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getting pregnant while breastfeeding

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zsos Wed 06-Aug-08 15:50:41

just wondering how possible it might be, i still have not had a period.

Elasticwoman Wed 06-Aug-08 18:23:37

Depends v much on how frequently you breastfeed, which in turn depends a lot on the age of your child and whether on milk-only diet still.

zsos Wed 06-Aug-08 21:34:01

getting down to 4/5 times through out the day and night. and she is starting to be a very good eater of all foods now.

PhDlifeNeedsaNewLife Wed 06-Aug-08 21:39:07

zsos, you could do a search on this, there have been lots of threads lately.

as your lo drops feeds your hormones will start to shift back and you will ovulate. of course unless you are watching fertility signs intently you won't know that you ovulated until you get your period, and a fair few people seem to fall pg that first time, without ever getting AF, iykwim.

it can go a long time though. my 15m ds feeds about 5 times a day, mostly at night, and I still don't have a period. lovely high hormone levels!

elmoandella Wed 06-Aug-08 21:41:25

happened to me. had no idea till baby started butterfly kicking. was still bf at time. no other symtoms.

what a shock shock

zsos Wed 06-Aug-08 21:42:43

what are some of the signs of ovulation? not quite sure what to look for besdes the obvious period. thanks for any help

fortyplus Wed 06-Aug-08 21:44:42

I have a friend whose dcs are 11 months apart - dd conceived whilst fully breast feeding and no period. Also a neice born 13 months after her brother in similar circumstances. Don't rely on bf as a form of contraception, but you know how it is - if you want to get pg then you probably won't - it's sod's law!

PhDlifeNeedsaNewLife Wed 06-Aug-08 21:46:11

well if you were taking your temp daily, you'd notice a spike, and if you study your vaginal fluid, it's supposed to go clear and stretchy like egg white when you ovulate.

most ppl only look for these signs when they are trying to become pg. and it takes a while of looking to notice the changes

elmoandella shock how far along were you when you found out, then?

zsos Wed 06-Aug-08 21:47:22

how old was your little one when you got preggo? did you have your period yet ( before you got preg again)?

SingingBear Wed 06-Aug-08 21:48:16

Message withdrawn

isaidno Wed 06-Aug-08 21:50:05

My gp said if you are fully bf (no solids) with at least 1 night feed bf is about 98% effective as a contraceptive.

SingingBear Wed 06-Aug-08 21:50:09

Message withdrawn

PinkTulips Wed 06-Aug-08 21:54:03

i got pregnant 9 months after dd was born without having had any periods.

i had a bit of spotting tat i thought was the start of a period but turned out to be implantation.

there're 18 months between dd and ds

after ds my periods didn't come back until he was 12 months

itsMYmummy Wed 06-Aug-08 22:03:23

I got pregnant with DD when DS was only six months old.

I was breastfeeding, but had just started to wean onto solids, and presumably that must have affected things, because nine months down the line with not a period in sight I delivered my cherub cheeked DD! grin

zsos Wed 06-Aug-08 22:09:11

ISAIDNO wow 98% she does feed once at night maybe twice. but... she does eat solids quite a lot of snacking going on it feels as though i am always slicing dicing peeling and steaming food. so hopfully that ups my chances! a little more then 2%!!! thanks

chipmonkey Wed 06-Aug-08 23:26:32

I bfed ds3 for 2.8 years, had periods from when he was 4 months but still couldn't get pg till I gave up bf.

mumple Thu 07-Aug-08 21:37:14

Hiya, v. interested in this as have just had positive preg test and daughter is only 20 weeks! no period, breastfeeding on demand - felt a bit sick for a few days, thought I'd 'rule it out'.....yikes!

mawbroon Thu 07-Aug-08 21:51:54

Looks like I am going that way too chipmonkey.

DS is 2.10, still feeds a few times day and night and I am finding it almost impossible to get pg. (I did at the end of last year, but lost it at 6wks)

I ovulate much later in my cycle now, and my luteal phase seems to be too short for implantation. I am assuming that this will correct itself when he weans. LOL, if he ever weans that is....

zsos, you are not going to know how easily you will be able to conceive until you start trying when you resume ovulating.

liahgen Thu 07-Aug-08 22:54:50

i'm following this with interest.

bf 15 mth dd and ttc no 6.

I don't have periods until i have totally stopped bf, no matter how few times a day they feed, currently, am feeding bed time and 1st inmorn.

Seriously contemplating giving up now, although reluctant cos am getting on a bit now and might not even fall, (41)so would be sad at stopping before i was fully ready iykwim

Any wise words would be welcome

zsos Fri 08-Aug-08 02:05:31

sometimes i have know idea what is being said dont really understand the "lingo" yet. but.... thanks for all of the feed back. i"ll keep trying, hey thats the fun part! wink

chipmonkey Sat 09-Aug-08 01:55:48

mawbroon, I ended up going to my GP with spotting mid-cycle. He said it was nothing to do with bf and referred me to an Obgyn who said it was to do with bf and asked how long I was planning to bf ( as if there was a plan, LOL!grin)
I gave up bf, had to go cold-turkey on poor ds3 as there really was no other way to do it with him.
Immediately the spotting stopped and I was pg within 2 months.
Sorry about your MCsad

chipmonkey Sat 09-Aug-08 01:58:39

zsos, if you look at the acronym list it should sort out most of the lingo!smile
Or if not, just ask!

kiskidee Sat 09-Aug-08 02:13:34

morning chippers. how are you and the baby. (if still awake).

chipmonkey Sat 09-Aug-08 02:27:37

I am still up!blush but about to go to bed, honest!
Ds4 is a little angel! Gives no trouble at all. Wish I could say the same for ds3 who has been an absolute monkey since he got a little brotherhmm Too used to being the baby and not impressed with his position being usurped!
How are you, have you had that baby yet?

kiskidee Sat 09-Aug-08 03:00:30

I am good. I am due 19/09. I have SPD, but finding ways to deal with it. I am planning a home water birth. DD is fine. Still bf 2/3 times a day. no stopping the child.

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