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Sperm testing

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beanieb Wed 06-Aug-08 09:36:11


My OH went to leave a sample at the hospital yesterday. They say the results will be available from the hospital in 2 days but to wait a week and then ring his doctor. Apparently the doctor will basically say 'good' or 'bad' and if it's 'bad' then they will arrange for him to leave a sample.

Yet I have seen ots of people on here say exactly what the results were, so how do we (I) find out the exact results?

Also they told him to Abstain for at least 3 days (The Doctor at his surgery) but when he went to deposit he was told that because it was more like 5 days he might have to come again because it should really have only been 3. Does anyone know why 5 days would be bad?

Lynsy Wed 06-Aug-08 09:59:59


I think it's pretty normal to have to wait a week to get the results from doctor,it's just the waiting that's the hard part.

Regarding results, we have recenlty been through this - twice, first time my DP phoned the GP and was told all was fine, but had to do another SA and this time when he called he was told it was not good, the doctor did give him the results over the phone but did also make him an appointment to see a gp to go through them more thoroughly, which we did, either way you are entitled to ask for a copy of the results, which we have done, becasue although GP's think they would mean nothing, they made perfect sense to me - as I know so much on this topic. Also another point if you get your results from the doctors receptionist think they can only tell you if they are all fine, if not then would have to speak to a GP anyway - Hope that makes sense.

As for abstaining I am not exactly sure, 5 days shouldn't be bad, I think for some men that suffer from poor morphology and motililty then to actually save it up for too long is not good and might give a slightly different result - And from our experiences there are many factors that can cause this - I hope that helps a little bit, and hasn't confused you.


beanieb Wed 06-Aug-08 11:25:37

thank you

will get him to ask for a copy of the results...

lastboxoftampons Wed 06-Aug-08 11:38:37

Hi - question for you guys. DH and I are now considering having an SA done for him. Did you just go to your GP and say you'd like it done? Is there a cost involved?

Thank you!

Lynsy Wed 06-Aug-08 11:48:09

My partner has had a couple of routine ones done after he had an operation to remove a varicocele at the end of last year. I think would be best to go the your GP first see what they say, if they are happy to do one then there is no cost involved for this. There are many clinics where you can pay to have it done, a route which we are just starting down ourselves but I am unsure of the costs involved - sorry.


beanieb Wed 06-Aug-08 11:59:44

Lastboxoftampons - No cost as far as I know. he needs to go to his GP and explain that you are TTC. Have you had any tests? My doctor advised me to get my OH tested so they can then crack on with further tests for me (I have had blood tests) so he just made the appointment. They sent him up to the hospital to do it but I think he also had a choice of doing it at home and taking it up within an hour.

he got a bigger cup at the hospital grin

beanieb Mon 11-Aug-08 12:23:18

Came back as 'satisfactory' smile

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