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The basics - how do we make babies?

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nervousal Mon 04-Aug-08 11:17:27

We're TTC DC#2. DD was conceived very easily with very little trying, as were my last 2 pregs which sadly ended in nc.

reading through some of the threads below it is a completely different language, and I am lost!

So far I've worked out that CD1 is the first day of last period, - thats about it.

So - for all of us new to this - How do I make a baby???

heverhoney1 Mon 04-Aug-08 11:20:58

Have you tried using You put in details about your cylcle and it lets you know your likely fertile and OV days. The more info you put in the more likely it is to be accurate.

Good luck with TTC XXXXX

ruddynorah Mon 04-Aug-08 11:33:57

have sex about 3 times a week.

if you want to be more specific than that then very very basically, if you have a 4 week cycle...

the first week you have your period.
the second week you have sex a lot.
the third and fourth week you wait (the 2 week week or 2ww) for your period (aunt flo or af) or you wait for a positive pregnancy test (or big fat positive, bfp).

you ovulate in the middle, and try to have sex (baby dance, or bd) around the middle, hence the 2nd week. an indication you are ovulating is that you produce egg white cervical mucous (ewcm) discharge.

your egg is viable around 24 to 48 hours.

his sperm lives upto 5 days.

so you aim to bd in the run up to your ovulation.

however none of this is perfect, some people ovulate earlier or later, some have longer cycles etc just have sex 3 times a week ish smile

nervousal Mon 04-Aug-08 11:41:55

ty - that helps alot! Good to finally know what 2ww means!

So - if my last period started on 22/07, I'm CD 13, should be BDing lots and will soon be on the 2ww for AF or BFP??

So - when can I test realistically?

heverhoney1 Mon 04-Aug-08 11:53:01

If you can hold out that long it is best to wait until AF is due. Some brands of tests say you can test 4-7? days before but from what I hear they are not very reliable.

bluestarlavender Mon 04-Aug-08 11:55:43

Oh and check out the acronym list at the top of the page for all the abbreviations..very confusing at first!!


ruddynorah Mon 04-Aug-08 11:57:13

yes you should bd now, for the next few days at least. then when your af is die you test. no point any earlier, but you will anyway!

do you know how long your cycle is? mine is 35 days so i used to do, week 1 period, week 2 and 3 lots of bd, then 2ww. cos i'd never know if i ovulated week 2 or 3. some people say you always have a 2 ww, no matter how long the cycle, others say it's different for everyone...who knows.

lots of luck!

nervousal Mon 04-Aug-08 12:03:46

think my cycle is around 28 days - but not 100% sure to be honest. Last times I've been preg and Dr has asked "when was your last period?" I've had to guess. Only remember this month because it started just as I was about to go into a big meeting!

Looks like DP is in for a treat again tonight then. Should I tell him???

hanaflower Mon 04-Aug-08 12:05:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

witchandchips Mon 04-Aug-08 12:05:19

You stand most chance of conceiving just before you ovulate (release the egg). This usually happens about 13 days after your period starts. Just before you ovulate you get something called an LH surge in your wee, this means that you can use a wee stick (bit like a pregnancy test) to predict the "best" time to have sex.

This sound grest but in practice after about 6 goes, the "go for it" sign on the wee stick works a bit like bromide making you really want to read your book rather than engage in baby making. The whole process puts you off sex at other times as well(which is a waste as you are fertile before and after the "best" time as well). The whole process is very stressful which makes you less fertile

What worked for us (and other I know) is to have more or less regular sex (4 or so times a week) between the time your period stops and until you start to feel a bit bloated + premenstural.

Also try and organise an morning or afternoon a month where you and your dp/dh can just be together without work or children. Spend the day in bed reading and chatting. My rationale for this was that if i was thinking of spending £???s on fertility treatment £20 on a babysitter was actually really good value

good luck

heverhoney1 Mon 04-Aug-08 13:21:50

My turn to ask a Q. Implantation bleeding - Is it like a light AF, spotting or more like brownie CM?? And when do other symptoms like sore (.)(.)and backache start to occur??

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