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TTC after IVF

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FleeBee Mon 04-Aug-08 09:55:00

Hello, can anyone off any advice or personal stories??

After 4 years of TTC, numerous tests etc we were told that there was no reason why we weren't able to conceive and that our next steps were assisted conception. Me and DH underwent IVF treatment and in December 2007 our beautiful baby girl was born.

I know this sounds greedy but I would love another baby, we can't afford another round of IVF we don't have any snowy babies as I only got 2 embryos which were both implanted I sadly lost one of the babies.

If I had a pound for every person who says "you'll end up having a baby naturally now" then I'd have enough for more IVF!!

We've started trying again for 3 months now and today AF appeared I feel so down about it, but it's ridiculous as I have my gorgeous girl but I'd love another baby.

Has anyone got pregnant naturally following IVF?

Any positive stories/advice/tips wanted !!!


Thisismynewname Mon 04-Aug-08 09:56:45

Sorry, no, but I think this happened to Gordon Ramsay and his wife after their IVF twins.

crokky Mon 04-Aug-08 09:58:57

Are you breastfeeding? It can stop some people conceiving, but does not stop others. Hard to tell which category you will fall into. If you have stopped bf or didn't bf, has your cycle settled to how it was before you were pg?

FleeBee Mon 04-Aug-08 10:03:36

I stopped breastfeeding at the end of June and this is my second period since then - exactly 28 days since the last one so seems to be back to clockwork really. Then I always had 28 day cycle before the IVF.

Pruners Mon 04-Aug-08 10:06:53

Message withdrawn

crokky Mon 04-Aug-08 10:28:58

I stopped bf in March 2007 and got pregnant in July 2007. I know it was interfering with ovulation as I was doing the ovulation sticks and not detecting any ovulation. I would give it 2 or 3 more months before the breastfeeding has totally gone from your system. This is just my experience, it may be nonsense!

Sticki Sat 09-Aug-08 19:02:41

Not sure if this will help, but we've had success after IVF with unexplained IF.

In 2003/4 we had 3 x IUI and 2 x IVF all bfn. We were recommended to wait for pgs ivf (as they thought a genetic problem was to blame). We got a natural bfp whilst waiting for it! Now have a 3.2yr old beautiful dd.

We have been ttc since she was 4 months old with no more success. Another IUI and 2 x IVF (one with PGS) later still nothing..... We are still none the wiser what the problem is (although genetics not ruled out, or perhaps an immune problem now too). We are just about to start another IVF at a new clinic so hoping a slightly different protocol might help. We have set a limit of 2 more cycles because of the financial, emotional, relationship costs. We have also tried most avenues of alternative approaches too - relexology, acupunture, herbs, vitamins, diet etc

Ive have heard others say that the ivf can set you up for pg naturally after, but as said above it depends on the reason. Unexplained is really hard as you have no way of tackling a problem. Tips - I think its best to try to be as healthy as possible but without driving yourself mad about diet etc. When we started ttc again I set a limit in my head of how long I would wait without a bfp before going back to the clinic to talk about options.

I completely understand the you wanting another baby - we really feel (and more strongly as time passes) that our family isnt complete. It is not greedy but a normal wish. Im really fed up with FTC and how it has dominated our life for 6 years and given us so much heartache.

Good luck!

fin42 Sat 09-Aug-08 22:08:53

I know of 2 people who have conceived naturally following successful IVF. One couple was my cousin and his wife, but I don't know if they were ttc or not. The other was a woman I work with and her husband and I know that that was a complete surprise.

wawot Tue 26-Aug-08 06:26:37

i just conceived naturally (although miscarrying last week) after 5 yrs of infertility. We have 2 yr old daughter from IVF after 1 x IUI and 9 x embryos.
You just never never know.
Good Luck.

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