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anyone due to test on the 14th??

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nelix2000 Sun 03-Aug-08 15:48:25

trying to conceive dc 2!....did insem at home yesterday( my partner and I are female so use a sperm donor) worked 1st time with ds and trying for number 2! Was our 1st insem yesteray and due to test on teh 14th......anyone else? I need people to stop me testing lol......

funtimewincies Sun 03-Aug-08 16:07:04

I'm due to test (also for no. 2) on the 13th. I know from past pregnancy experiences that I get very sick, very quickly so I'm already symptom spotting like you wouldn't believe grin.

We shall be strong and not test, even though a leftover First Response is in a draw, looking at me (fingers in ears, la, la , la hmm).

nelix2000 Sun 03-Aug-08 16:32:22

Goodluck lol!!!!....the 14th is already me testing a day early! I can barely wait the 11 days I am making myself wait even though I know i have to!!!

katylou25 Sun 03-Aug-08 17:16:40

me too! Am in 4th month of ttc no 3 so fingers crossed!

heverhoney1 Sun 03-Aug-08 18:48:39

Dont really know when I am due to test due to a VERY irratic cycle. BUT FF says that 28 day cycle would be 13th so figure I can test then??? IF I can hold out that long.

I have been through stages of hating getting AF every month, to wondering if I was ever going to get AF again for 18 months followed by a couple of years of her showing up every 3 months or so, then getting her 1 month after the last for the first time last month - Now I dont know whether I want to see her to prove I am back regular and TTC can proceed with vigour!! or hoping she doesnt arrive for the best reason - A BFP???? SOOO confused hmm

funtimewincies Sun 03-Aug-08 19:18:02

heverhoney1 - that must be so frustrating! When I came off the pill to start ttc 3 years ago I had a 64 day cycle and it was foul. Fingers crossed for you that it's a good cycle this time.

I'm also a fan of temp. charting as I know that if I have a mad cycle again I'll know that it's because I've not ovulated.

heverhoney1 Sun 03-Aug-08 19:27:11

I have been using opk sticks but TBH they have messed with my head a bit. FR ones often show a line that is not as strong as the reference line, which is supposed to be neg but they have differed in strength and people have told me that you might nit get a full 24 hour surge so you might miss a +ve.

Temping is prob a good idea, will see how this month goes. Also I spoke with a nurse about my dodgy cycles when I went for my smear. She was really nice and said they would refer me to a gynae if I wanted to start TTC. Have had scans and blood tests in the past which all came back ok so I am not sure what there is left to do???

nelix2000 Mon 04-Aug-08 10:23:13

god I hate opks heverhoney.....they gave me 3 ovulations one months...weeks apart!hmm
I judge by my FM find it much easier! goodluck and I hope you get good news soon!

funtimewincies Tue 05-Aug-08 16:32:41

Slowly going mad at this end, how are you all doing?

The day before yesterday I was convinced that I am, but yesterday I was 99% sure that I'm not. Had a pint last night (just the one) but felt really guilty blush.

Temping is playing silly whatnots as I'm awake a couple of times in the night. Arghhhhhhhhh - say nice things to keep me sane please!

nelix2000 Tue 05-Aug-08 18:18:27

hi funtime.....I am peeing lots! but then think I am drinking more anyway! min I am convinced then I am not then I am.....its so irritating!....dont feel guilty for having a pint....just the one at this stage wont hurt!....I was dying for a glass of wine last night...and thats the postive for me in (if) i get a negative....i can have some wine...and i like my meat cooked rare so it will be 2 weeks of not having overdone steak and duck until we try again!

funtimewincies Wed 06-Aug-08 19:29:55

Only a week to go hmm. Temp. is going up again at this end so I'm being optimistic today!

makingafamily Wed 06-Aug-08 19:39:28

Hi Nelix. Not sure to test on the 14th but we are having our Civil Partnership and then start home insems next month

Good luck with everyones testing, looking forward to hearing about lots of blue lines

scully Thu 07-Aug-08 09:25:32

I'm testing on the 9th, last 2 cycles have been 28days and today is cd30, but want to hold out a little longer to hopefully get a bfp.
Good luck everyone

funtimewincies Thu 07-Aug-08 19:19:35

Good luck scully, Nelix is threatening to test on Saturday, so you might get BFPs together!

nelix2000 Fri 08-Aug-08 18:12:47

hi makingafamily goodluck with that! it would be good to chat!
And goodluck to everyone else....i have put it off till sunday so day at a time wink

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