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Taking Clomid for the first time !!!! THEAD 2!!

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supersteph Sat 02-Aug-08 16:54:40

Hi ladies, I think it is time for a new thead. Just to say dont give up hope... I was here a few months ago, when I was on clomid. I am now 14 weeks pregnant thanks to this miricle drug.

To the ladies that dont know me...
I have a 2 1/2 year old boy. That took 1 1/2 years to conceive. I got pregnant again last year that took me 13 months to conceive. I had a m/mc at 12 weeks. (baby stoppeg growing at 8 weeks)

First round of clomid 50mg did nothing. 2nd round 100mg did nothing. They started me on metformin and round 3 of 100mg clomid I GOT

I was told I have PCOS.


debsiewebsie Sat 02-Aug-08 18:47:13

Hi there - can I join the Clomid thread? I'd love to join in and hear all your advice and experience.
Here's my story - I have a DS who's 4 next week. We have been trying for 22 months (can't believe it's that long) for number 2. I hid my head in the sand for the first 18 months and didn't see a doc. 5 months ago I faced up to the fact that we might have a problem and went to the GP. Have had 3 day 21 tests as well as day 3 tests, the results being that the doc thinks it's unlikely that I'm ovulating, but keeps telling me that she thinks there isn't a big problem and we'll get there in the end... But I'm impatient and I have been prescribed Clomid by the GP and am in my second month of 50mg. I so desperately want it to work and like all the rest of you I am forever having to smile as friends fall pregnant and then have their children and still nothing for us.
Added into the mix, out of the blue I developed epilepsy 10 weeks ago and have recently been moved onto medication for that too. It has been a terribly stressful and worrying few weeks for me and DH and so I feel like I need to get pg so I can at last feel that things are going my way. I feel like I have a huge amount on my plate.
Sorry to dump my whole story - if anyone can give me any positive stories then I'd love to hear them!
I'm not always so negative - I'm normally Mrs Half Full!

cam75 Mon 04-Aug-08 16:25:08

i have just finished round 3 of the clomid and i am waiting now.
I am also on metformin i can't do 3 tablest a day my tummy gets upset so i am on 2.
I am feeling heavy and my boobs are sore, not sure what i am feeling anymore
What systoms did you get if any? i have 3 more rounds of this clomid thing so i pray it works...

cam75 Wed 06-Aug-08 10:32:17

where is everyone??? it's so quiet

Ailz Fri 08-Aug-08 23:51:44

hi everyone, have been reading these for a while, but never wrote in. taking clomid for 3rd time in few days when af starts. it will, it always does. i have 2.5 year old daughter (little treasure), but trying for second child for over a year. took progesterone to stop short luteal phase and it worked, but took negative preg test yesterday 14 dpo. it's all a bit tiresome. cant figure out why i keep failing. I am 30 and healthy, no pcos, dh good sperm. grrrrr..

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