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Rozebud Thu 31-Jul-08 22:31:55

My doctor has told me that when I start on clomid I will need scans every other day from day 7-14. The hospital where I?ll have the scans is a 45 minute journey from work and don?t offer early or late appointments. So for one week every month I'm going to need to leave really early or arrive really late to work - 3 or 4 times in one week.

I?m really worried what ?excuse? I can give to work. I can't tell them I am having fertility treatment as don?t want them to know I am trying ? I have only been there a year but moreover it?s not that kind of company. I can work at home a bit, take the odd half day holiday but still need to give some kind of explanation ? my absence will be noticed by my boss.

How have other people managed this? What other possible reason can I give for needing to be away from the office like this?


shouldbeironing Thu 31-Jul-08 22:48:08

Have been through similar when I had IVF. Options seem to be to either tell manager in confidence (I didnt trust mine though); make up a white lie such as an ill relative (eg sister or husband or something) and tell manager you will need to be in late but will take it as holiday (say one or two days holiday but spread over a week); or third option is to try and bluff it out - dental visits, book a day off etc. I guess you could call in sick or book a weeks holiday but that seems last resort. I think if you can make up the hours or use holiday time then the excuse you give can be anything you feel comfortable with at the moment.

My consultant advised me to tell someone senior at work - not just to cover the absence but also for the support I would need due to the physical and emotional issues involved. But it does depend on whether there is anyone senior at work you trust.

Good luck by the way!

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