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Anyone else facing the agonising wait for period to return before TTC?

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fairywing Wed 30-Jul-08 14:28:15

I've been here a litte while mostly lurking but i have posted a couple of times. I like the mutual support here but don't feel i really belong on the TTC threads as i'm not there so can't join in on the symptom spotting and 2ww!

A little about me - im 25, married last year. Have dogs, horses and chickens. I suffer from endometriosis, diagnised 4 years ago by laparoscopy. in JAnuary i started a 6 month course of zoladex to 'tidy things up' in preperationg for TTC to give me the best possible chance. I had my last injection 9 weeks ago so am waiting for my cycle to return and i guess symptom spotting for that!! I saw my consultant today who said it could take a long time maybe up to 6 months possibly more. I have had sensitive nipples and changes in CM in the last couple of weeks so i'm hoping they are signs that things are starting to happen. When my cycle does return if i don't conceive within 2 years i am to go back for more treatment.

So thats me - i'm not a patient person so the prospect of waiting all that time is agony! So anyone want to join me for a bit of mutual support during this agonising wait??

Mummyfor3 Wed 30-Jul-08 15:08:51

LOL, fairywing!
Have not been in your shoes but RL best friend has. She was told she might struggle to conceive when her diagnosis of endometriosis was made. She took this to mean than she COULD NOT conceive, abandoned all precautions and was pregnant within 6 weeks without periods having returned (from memory she only menstruated 3-4x/year even without treatment). She is now proud mother of 3 girls.
Obviously nobody can predict how things will turn out for you; I suppose I just wanted to say, do not give up hope. Also, you can conceive prior to period as you may ovulate without you knowing smile (happened to me after DS1, DS2 1 year and 10 days older only, due to BFing never had period blush).

Good luck!

fairywing Wed 30-Jul-08 15:44:30

Hi Mummy for 3 grin
Unfortunately i can't risk getting pregnant until i have had a period as its dangerous to get pregnant while zoladex is still in my system and i can't be sure its all gone till i do. Great to hear about your best friend smile Its always good to hear success stories. Consultant seems confident i will conceive so i am fairly hopeful but trying to remain realistic.

ChezzaB Wed 30-Jul-08 23:18:16

Hi My best friend has the same and even had to heve and op to remove a cyst from her ovary, she too was given a time span in which to get pregnant and had a very severe case of endometriosis, she is now 35 weeks pregnant having got pregnant straight away after that one period! I hope this gives you hope!

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