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Need a hug, feeling crap and cant sleep

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jessiesmummy Tue 29-Jul-08 23:26:14

I am an absolute hormonal wreck this evening. My husband is asleep in bed and really need a shoulder to cry on. My first baby was a wonderful accident and now I'm trying for no 2 it seams impossible.

heverhoney1 Tue 29-Jul-08 23:28:37

cry away jessiesmummy have you been trying long?

jessiesmummy Tue 29-Jul-08 23:31:56

Not long really but have been to the doctors and they said that I'm probably not ovulating so am going for lots of tests. Just feeling really down in the dumps and on my own, as lovely as my dh is I feel like this is much worse for me than him.

jessiesmummy Tue 29-Jul-08 23:32:27

Have been trying for a few months.

heverhoney1 Tue 29-Jul-08 23:42:04

although I have only just started trying I do have some idea how you feel. Due to stuff that I dont really want to go into on here, for fear of RL people finding out who I am, I have been worrying about my fertility for years. My DP has FINALLY come round to supporting the idea of TTC and I got my first "regular" cycle in 4 years last month I thought all was great.

Fertility friend says I should have oved today but opks show no signs so now I am worried that my cycle has gone back to beings screwed up and I have no idea when or if I will ov. I have gone from being unbelievably happy that we have started to try to being just about ready to cry because of my stupid body!!! in about 24 hours.

I have come to realise though- tests are GOOD. Even if they dont find out what is wrong they can tell you what isn't so it narrows the field!

jessiesmummy Tue 29-Jul-08 23:47:26

I am so frustrated as my husband took a lot of persuasion to start trying and now I feel completely useless. I also done want to be a stressed out moody cow. Its really hard to deal with without causing a rift in my relationship.

jessiesmummy Tue 29-Jul-08 23:49:10

I have such irregular cycles that god knows when I'm ovulating! Amazing how many of us are in the same possition on here though.

heverhoney1 Tue 29-Jul-08 23:57:51

Just read your other thread I have good news and bad!

Bad - My irregularity began after I came off the pill (Fine before I went on and during a years break but apparently not this time)I didnt have a period for about 18 months then they started coming every 3 -4 months.

Good- Laast month I got a period 1 month after the previous 1!!! I have had blood tests which have all come back as being fine! and I have had an ultrasound to check for PCOS which came back as clear. Not only did it come back as clear but it said I had OVd just prior to the scan so there is hope!!!!

I am keeping my fingers crossed that my body is sorting itself out a bit, I will keep my fingers crossed for you too.

jessiesmummy Wed 30-Jul-08 00:02:55

Thank you. Fingers crossed for you too. Sounds like things are getting better for you though.

heverhoney1 Wed 30-Jul-08 00:32:43

I hope so xx The scan was 2 years ago so although I have been oving I have still been irregular. I am a little further down the line of being pill free and investigation wise but If there is hope for me there is hope for you too.

Try not to get too down and get some sleep. I have found my body is really receptive to the stress I am under at any given point so the less stress the more likely we are to work! I know it is so much easier said than done but a problem shared is a problem halved so as I said before feel free - my shoulder is very squidgy and good for crying on xxxx

jessiesmummy Wed 30-Jul-08 08:59:32

Thanks for being so reashuring last night. Feeling better this morning and more optimistic. Keep me posted on your progress.

Rozebud Mon 18-Aug-08 22:17:53

HI Heverhoney and Jessiesmum

I was kind of relieved to read your email and to know that I'm not the only one - I came off the pill 18 months ago and still haven't had a period. I've had it looked into and have low FH and LSH. Have you got your test results Jessiesum? And Heverhoney, did you every have it looked into; do you know why you weren't getting periods/ovulating?

Anyway, I get so upset about it sometimes, I've never had regular periods - maybe 1-2 a year unless I'm on the pill - but never used to care and now it's gutting. I think clomid is the answer but would love to get my periods back, even if irregularly...

Was there anything you did to help get your periods back - diet, stress-related therapies, acupuncture?


Rozebud Mon 18-Aug-08 22:21:47

Sorry Heverhoney1, just seen that your blood tests were normal. But was there anything you did, do you think, to help get your periods back after 18 months? think its actually 17 months since I came off the pill and the tests I had were a year ago - maybe my hormones might still work themselves out naturally...

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