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body rejecting Sperm?

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beanieb Tue 29-Jul-08 11:03:41

When I last went to see my doctor to talk about my chances of conceiving (Have been trying for 10 months) she dropped in at the end of all the reasons why I might not be pregnant yet that it 'could even be that your body is rejecting your OH's sperm'. Obviously I have heard of this but was wondering how often this happens and what people can do about it if anything?

are there any physical symptoms?

kiwibella Tue 29-Jul-08 11:40:51

I have heard that this can be incompatible... I'll be interested to see what responses you receive. Is your oh going to have his sperm tested?

beanieb Tue 29-Jul-08 11:44:30

yeah - he's meant to be going this week but has had some problem getting through on the number the doctor gave him (for the hospital) to make an appointment.

anniemac Tue 29-Jul-08 12:29:32

Message withdrawn

cthea Tue 29-Jul-08 12:46:59

A story in the telegraph, or the daily mail

beanieb Tue 29-Jul-08 13:19:34

I wonder how hard it is to get a antipaternal cytotoxic antibody test.

anniemac Tue 29-Jul-08 13:26:20

Message withdrawn

beanieb Tue 29-Jul-08 14:26:12

Yeah - that's more what I was thinking. From the two articles it looks like the woman in question suffered several miscarriages where I am just having trouble getting knocked up!

I am probably looking too much for reasons. OH having sperm tested next week! smile

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