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Please come and tell me about laparoscopy - especially if you've gone private

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nomoremagnolia Mon 28-Jul-08 17:24:25

How much does it cost / how easy is it to arrange / where's a good place or company etc? I want to rule out blocked tubes but local hospital gynae unit seem to prefer to keep giving me clomid without seeing if the eggs are getting through. They've even prescribed it now without seeing me again (I think they're getting fed up of me!)

madame Mon 28-Jul-08 18:48:01

Hi, I had unexplained infertility and was given clomid that did not work for me. I went had a laparoscopy privately at the Portland Hospital, London.

It was very good and straight forward. I conceived a few months later after having been trying for 2 years.

I can't remember the price, but you would pay for the surgeon, anasthetist and hospital. You could ring and they would give you the price.

Hope this helps

AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 28-Jul-08 18:55:26

A HSG is a tubal x-ray and that would determine whether your tubes are patent (open) or not. That would do what the "dye" part of the laparoscopy would do; I would not suggest undergoing surgery unless absolutely necessary.

Little to no point whatsoever in giving you clomid without monitoring. I would ask your GP to actually refer you to another unit. It is fair to say that soome NHS units are far better than others in this field.

A lap operation is normally done when endometriosis is suspected.

Do you have a diagnosis of the underlying problem?. If not I would go all out to obtain such a thing. For example if PCOS is an issue then laparoscopic ovarian diathermy may be a better option surgically rather than a laparoscopy.

BUPA may be worth contacting as they can do fertility investigations. However, you will likely need a referral letter from your GP.

londonlottie Mon 28-Jul-08 19:32:42

Message withdrawn

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