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A bit of advice on whether i can test yet please

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fairywing Sun 27-Jul-08 20:05:16

I have been a bit stupid and now i'm worrying about it. I finished a course of zoladex almost 9 weeks ago for my endometriosis. I am aware that it is very dangerous to get pregnant whilst on this treatment. The plan was to do this to give me the best possible chance of getting pregnant. We are now waiting for my sysle to return before TTC. About 10 days ago we got a little carried away with the whole TTC thing and had unprotacted sex. I have since read that you shouldnt do this until cycle returns or 12 weeks after last injection. I am back at the consultants on Wednesday. I have had sore nipples, horrific indigestion and niggly crampy pains for a few days. I realise this could all be my cycle abot to restart (fingers crossed) but am slightly concerned that i could potentially be pregnant already. I obviously have no idea where in my cycle i as if at all and no idea when i am due AF. Would i get a positive result now if i was pregnant and tested so i know before consultant appointment or is there no point testing??

kittywise Mon 28-Jul-08 12:32:10

Hi, I don't know anything about the treatment you are on but I can offer my thoughts re testing.
A fertilised egg usually implants 7 days after fertilisation and although it gives off the pg hormone immediately this usually does not show until a week after implantation, hence the waiting for af to arrive which is usually about 2 weeks after conception.
Of course there are variations and some tests are much more sensitive to the pg hormone than others.
I've had a pg show up as a strong line a good few days before af was due and some people actually have a neg test which is infact positive iyswim!
If you tested now and it was neg then you really would be none the wiser as it could easily be too early to tell .
Obviously you are between a rock and a hard place at the mo.
You could test you consultant to run a blood test as that would give you a certain answer.
I wish you luck!

fairywing Mon 28-Jul-08 12:40:24

Sorry for the horrific typos in my first post blush !

If i wait until Wednesday am to test before my appointment then that will be 13 days and i will know whether i need to discuss the implications of pregnancy at this stage with the consultant. If its negative then i will maybe test in another weeks time to be sure but if no other symptoms by then i guess i am probably safe and back to waiting for the elusive AF to appear so i can get on with TTC properly!

Thanks for the advice Kittywise.

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