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Question on the affects of alcohol on temping??

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bluestarlavender Sat 26-Jul-08 18:57:39

Hi everone,

I am wondering how drinking alcohol affects your temperature.

I'm on cycle 2 TTC#1 and have only just started to temp in the last couple of weeks. During AF, I commiserated celebrated AF with a few glasses of wine. I'm not drinking now for the rest of cycle until AF turns up again, but I had quite high temps through my AF. My current temps are 36.6 and the first couple of days of AF I was 37.

Anyone know if these highs were alcohol related???


lastboxoftampons Sat 26-Jul-08 19:24:49

My temps are usually only affected if I have enough alcohol to feel tipsy and even then, only the following morning. Did you drink continuously throughout your AF? wink meaning, did you have something to drink every night?

It's not unusual for your temps to stay elevated for a few days of AF and then start to drop off.

Hope that helps!

bluestarlavender Sat 26-Jul-08 22:53:46

Thanks Lastboxoftampons.

I had a couple of large glasses of wine each night for about four days in a row, so yes - continuously! blushwink. My temp has dropped down again now. I guess I was just a bit confused as I thought one of the precursors to AF was a drop in temp, which I didn't get.

I'm guessing the wine probably didn't help, but maybe I also get high temps the first few days of AF...


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