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Huge question!! HELP! I'm going Crazy trying to figure this out

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Ashuct Sat 26-Jul-08 17:38:36

ok I will start from the last normal period I had, my cycles vary from 32 and 40 days....Never ever been on BC nor have I every experienced mid cycle spotting or cramping.... On May 27th I had a normal period 5 days, 3days heavy 2 days lighter... Then on June 7th I had spotting only noticed after going to the restroom and it only last a few hours...then on July 3rd had a period (I think) it was much lighter than my normal heaviest day and really mucusy and that period only last 3 days and got lighter as it went on.... So I tested on July 10th and BFN... Then On July 22nd I took a nap and woke up cramping similar to period cramps but from how I felt and the way I explain it to everyone they say it sounded like labor pains (but since I have never had a child not sure) The pains were like I had to go to the bathroom (TMI #2 to be blunt, but did not) and pressure also the cramping was in my lower tummy like period cramps but between my ovaries. I do have a doctor appt. August 27th but does anyone know what in the world that may have been???

Ashuct Sat 26-Jul-08 17:48:52

oh yes one more thing... the cramps started at about 6 and were really really strong for about 30 minutes but then got lighter and were completly gone by about 10

QueenyEisGotTheBall Sat 26-Jul-08 23:39:58

they might have been ovulation or implantation pains. have you done a test in the past few days? it might be worth doing another test just so that you have all the most up to date information when you go to see your GP. TBH IMO if the pains didnt come and go i dont think they sound like labour pains.
i hope you get answers soonsmile
xx ei xx

Ashuct Sun 27-Jul-08 00:34:54

Yes I am pretty sure I would have known if it was labor lol but some thats what one of my friends said it was or sounded like anyways I am going to wait for AF to come in the next 2 weeks and test again before the dr but just thought I might be able to find out sooner Thanks a ton

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