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Bleeding but with pregnant symptoms- anyone else?

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Heebychick Sat 26-Jul-08 15:37:01

Hello, we are ttc number 2 and am now on day 28 of a 32 day cycle. Although i have been having good symptoms (sore and tingly boobs, weeing alot, queasy, tired, bloated and tiny cramps) on Thursday (day 26) i started bleeding. It was quite heavy but only lasted a few hours then it all but stopped, then by the evening it stopped totally. Then the last 2 days i have had a tiny amount occasionally (only when i wee tho - sorry TMI). This is very different to my normal heavy period.

Have been advised it could be a normal bleed and to test in a few days. Dr also advised that coming off the pill can make you have hormone imbalances so not sure which it is!

I tested on that day and it was negative (but with our DD we tested on day 28 and it was BFN then on day 32 BFP)

So my question is has anyone else bled a fair amount (it was certainly more than spotting) and still been pregnant?

If i hadn't bled i'd be convinced because the symptoms are so strong.

lulu1414 Sat 26-Jul-08 17:35:22

I had this. The first time I had a really heavy bleed- gush of blood at the gym and so assumed it was a normal AF. Then it stopped after a few hours. I tested two days later and it was BFP. unfortunately that ended in a miscarriage at 12+ weeks. This time (now 26 weeks) I had light bleeding for a few days then one day an hour or so of heavy bleeding. I did a test 3 weeks later and it was positive (according to a later scan I would have been about 7-8 weeks pregnant at that point). In fact, I did a test because I was lightly bleeding again and I thought that wierd.

Good luck!

Heebychick Sat 26-Jul-08 19:34:40

Thank you lulu i'm really sorry about your MC, i had a 5 week MC , it's such an awful thing to happen. But from what you have said that's reassuring, the weird thing is that i still 'feel' pregnant so i can't help but keep my hopes up. Mine sounds the same as your first situation, quite a heavy hour then it petered out to almost nothing, since then i've had a few light spots but not all the time.

Sounds positive then!

I might try and wait a few days yet though, do you think?

Did you have symptoms both times?

lulu1414 Sat 26-Jul-08 20:25:36

Sorry for you MC. The first time I remember my boobs really hurt on the treadmill at the gym and had felt a bit off some foods before I tested. The second time I didn't really have any symptoms until the night before I tested when I felt quite nauseous. My boobs hurt, but then after the miscarriage they regularly hurt from midcycle onwards, so I didn't pay any attention to that and if anything they didn't hurt as they usually did. So really hit or miss. I hope you get the result you want...

I would try to wait a few days. How long have you been off the pill?

Heebychick Sat 26-Jul-08 21:51:52

I came off at the end of April so it's been a while. I had only been back on it a few months after breastfeeding my first.

I have had symptoms mid-cycle for 2 months now, but last month the period was the first one after the MC so i assumed my hormones were still a little off.

It's difficult to tell isn't it, i am thinking it's probably all hormones and not pregnancy.

I will wait until next Friday, give it plenty of time to settle down and show me anything else.

The only thing i would say is i would of thought that any period symptoms would go away once my period started?

Strange eh.

Good luck with you pregnancy, i'm glad all is going well for you this time x

lulu1414 Sun 27-Jul-08 08:21:12

Very strange. One thing I realised is after MC everything gets pretty wacky for awhile- I had no AF for 6 months and then only very, very light for ages. And my breasts started hurting mid cycle too- so it could very well be hormones. I hope it works out. If not this time then next!

I know how frustrating and confusing it can be, but if you possibly can try not to worry and obsess (I am one to talk- I became totally obsessed!)

heverhoney1 Sun 27-Jul-08 10:05:18

Not to excite everyone but I thought I would say- My mum had regular AF throughout most of her pregnancy with me!!! As a result she didn't know she was preggers till a few months in and went horse riding and everything- explains a LOT!!!! Think she said it was a lot lighter than normal though

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