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I really want another baby!!!!!!!!!..............Long Sorry!!!!!!!!

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karen01 Tue 08-Feb-05 19:41:24

I really really really want another baby, the feeling is so over whelming. DS is 8 months old and DD is 8 yrs old. I have wanted another since DS was a week old and the feeling is just getting stonger and stronger. DH does want a third but not yet!!! I know that if I became pregnant he will be thrilled as he is that sort of bloke, but I also know that I couldn't just go and get the coil removed with out him knowing ( and he dosn't want me to get it removed just yet)and see what happens. I fell very quickly with last 2 (3weeks after coming of the pill with DD and 6 weeks after having coil removed with DS)
Has anyone else had this feeling, does it go away or just get worse, I feel like crying everytime I see a pg woman, and I get really jealous, even reading the pg/antenatal threads and birth announcements.

I still need to lose the weight from DS so keep saying to DH why don't ew have a 3rd then I will lose all the weight in one go instead of losing it then putting it all back on, I am one of those woman who seem to balloon in last trimester no ,matter what I do!!!!

It is so hard I keep trying to talk myself out of it as we live in Cyprus and the military hospital is now closed for the forseable future so all births will take place in Larnaca general hospital where I know there is no pain relief ( I relied on the G and A for DS but even that isn't deterring me and the fact that had awful pg with DD and was in hospital for 8weeks before I delivered her even the problems reoccuring and me being out here isn't detering me either.

Sorry I am just waughling just needed to get it all of my chest I am sorry. On the up side I have all the stuff needed for a new born and providing I have a boy all we will need to buy is a double buggy and nappies!!!!

munnzieb Wed 09-Feb-05 09:12:47

i'll bump you back up again for the day shift hon!

KatieinSpain Wed 09-Feb-05 09:45:13

Hi Karen,

That happened to me, too. I knew the moment I'd had DS1 that I wanted a second, NOW! It was this overwhelming need and yes, I just kept seeing these pregnant ladies everywhere. The odd thing was, I went on to have DS2 pretty quickly and lots of people thought it was accidental - ha!

Can you afford three? Would there be any help immediately afterwards or if you have another stint in hospital? Sit down with DH and tell him how you feel. If you are going to have a third, there is probably little reason for not having him/her soonish. Good luck.

monkeygirl Wed 09-Feb-05 10:24:49

Karen - knew you wanted one but didn't know you felt so strongly about it! I don't feel as strongly as you but a little voice inside me is saying 'go for it quickly whilst you are still in baby mode and are going through the disturbed nights etc'. If you dh is keen for a third, then ultimately, surely he will respect your wishes to have one sooner rather than later as you will probably be doing most of the hard work anyway?? How much longer are you in Cyprus - for years/the foreseeable future?

And are you actually feeling happier in yourself etc, iykwim?

karen01 Wed 09-Feb-05 11:11:32

Thanks Girls
Monkeygirl, I am feeling alot better in myself and we are in Cyprus until Dec 2006 atleast.

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