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No period for 18 months, thinking about Clomid - Please advise

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Susyanna Fri 25-Jul-08 22:42:33

I am 32 years old and new to all this. Am wanting to get pregnant but last period was 18 months ago, when I came off the pill. Even when I haven't been on the pill, I have really irregular periods, about one a year if that (though have been on pill on and off for 13 years)
I had tests done and these revealed low FSH and LH, apparently caused by diet and stress (though my mum had the same problem so I wonder if I have a predisposition). The doctor advised clomid, which helped my mum get pregant with her 1st two children. My years of eating disorders will not have helped, though healthy and well now. Given up smoking too and trying to cut down on stress, eat well etc. Tried acupuncture - still no periods so thinking about clomid.

Has anyone else used clomid fo a similar issue - i.e. lack of periods? It seems many people take it for irregular, rather than absent, periods or for unexplained infertility.

Also, I want to start taking it soon but am about to start a really intense 3 month period at work when I'll be working most weekends (so 7 days a week). Would it be better to wait til that is over? How stressful is it, does it make you feel unwell etc? Is it just one scan a month?

RuthChan Sat 26-Jul-08 13:39:08

I took clomid when ttc dc1.
I had periods, but apparently my hormone levels were, as you said, low and I wasn't actually ovulating.

I took it on a low dose for about 4 months and concieved as soon as the doctor put me up to a full dose.

I never felt ill, I never felt any stress.
I wasn't actually scanned at all, I was just told to take it for the first five days of my period, but I believe that things are done differently in the UK, so I can't comment on that.

(Having got my system kick started by DC1, DC2 was conceived naturally with no help within 2 months.)

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