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is there any evidence that being on the pill for years affects chances of conceiving?

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beaniebaby25 Fri 25-Jul-08 16:34:03

I've been on the pill for the last 9 years and my DP and I are thinking about having a baby in the next few years (very advanced planning!). Does being on the pill for so long affect things adversely? should i come off it now to let my body get back to 'normal' for a year or two before TTC? or doesn't it matter at all and I'm just being irrational and paranoid!? smile

Bluebutterfly Fri 25-Jul-08 16:35:56

I don't quite remember but I think that the advice is wait 6 mths to let your body adjust to its normal hormone levels before really trying. Someone with more recent knowledge may completely contradict me though...

WorzselMummage Fri 25-Jul-08 16:40:28

I think there is evidence that women who have stopped taking the pill after any length of time have an initial fertility boost and then it all settles down.

if your thinking of ttc soon it might be wise to keep takign the pill till you want to start.

beaniebaby25 Fri 25-Jul-08 16:41:43

so should i come off pill and just start ttc or wait a month/two/six? thanks both grin

WorzselMummage Fri 25-Jul-08 16:53:37

I just stop just before you start activly trying, maybe 1 month ?

beaniebaby25 Fri 25-Jul-08 17:06:56

thanks for comments... now i just have to contain my excitement for a few more years!! blush

babyignoramus Fri 25-Jul-08 17:35:16

I thought it would take ages after coming off the pill (had been on it for 8 years) - it took 6 weeks... so don't assume you will be 'safe' for any length of time!!

itati Fri 25-Jul-08 17:36:26

Plenty of people have conceived the month after stopping the pill.

FeelingDeviant Fri 25-Jul-08 17:47:52

This is not evidence, just my personal experience.
At the age of 32, I had been on the pill for 7 years and it took me two years to conceive and nearly went for IVF before it happened.
If I were you I'd come off pill now and use other form of contraception until you're ready to conceive - just in case.
But, maybe you're a young sprightly thing in her early 20s ... in which case, I'd stay on the pill until you're ready.

AttilaTheMeerkat Fri 25-Jul-08 17:54:45

There is no real evidence to suggest that the pill is responsible for failure to ovulate.
The pill leaves your system very quickly after taking the last tablet. You therefore don't have to wait months on end for the pill to leave your before you start ttc.

What the pill can do though is mask symptoms of any underlying hormonal imbalance which the pill did not cause. This was certainly true in my case but prior to being on the pill my periods were both irregular and painful.

What you need to consider now is what your periods were like prior to taking the pill. If they were irregular and or very painful in nature at that time it may revert back to this upon stopping the pill. If that happens or you've perviously had irregular and or painful/very heavy cycles you are better off seeking medical advice sooner rather than later.

heverhoney1 Fri 25-Jul-08 19:23:43

periods like clockwork before taking the pill, came off was like clockwork again, went on a different brand came off- 18 months no period. Not saying it was def the pill but I wont be using it again untill I eihave concieved all the children I want

wasabipeanut Fri 25-Jul-08 19:30:58

I came off the pill in Sept 06 with a plan of starting to ttc in Jan 07. Was pregnant by December and I didn't actually think my cycle had gone back to normal because I'd been on the pill for about 15 years.

I read somewhere (afterwards strangely enough) that some women experience a bounce in fertility in the first few months off the pill. Would seem feasible based on my experience.

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