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Faling pregnant on the implant?

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Mistiek Wed 23-Jul-08 15:19:55


Has anyone ever fallen pregnant on the implant?

I had the implant put in last year June after haveing my second child. I was told it was the safest to use as its supposed to be 99.9% affective. However lately I feel sooooo pregnant. I have dizziness and naseua, food cravings and extreme tiredness. I lost almost a stone recently and have put it all back on sad.

I have been trying to find some info on it and alot of people are having the same feelings. last night a swear I felt movement - and not like normal wind movement. I was completely freaked out. I did a test on Sunday which came out negative. I dont get my periods much at the moment so could not tell how far gone I would be if I was pregnant and have now read that after a certain time the hormone level is too low to be picked up on a home test. Is this true?

Has anyone gone through the same things, fallen pregnant on it or can any one shed some light on this....

sars87 Wed 23-Jul-08 15:32:00

My best friend fell pregnant on the implant but she didn't have a happy story. She collasped at work and was rushed to hospital where she needed an operation as she had an ectopic pregnancy. As with all contraception it's never 100% safe. I'd be getting to the GP as soon as possible.

Mistiek Wed 23-Jul-08 20:27:22


Thanks Sars.... will be going tot he doc soon as if I am not preggers then I dont want this thing in anymore as its making me very misserable, tired and feeling ill all the time. Time to think about letting DH have his versectomy sad so I can stop taking all this crap.

Anyone else?

Dummymumm Wed 23-Jul-08 20:33:27

me! me! me!

i have your symptoms. i am the hormonal bitch i was when pg. had implant in after birth of dc2 10 months ago and i swear i feel pg but dp and gp think i'm crazy. last pg test was neg but that was a while ago. i even fainted on monday evening. i was completely out cold on the floor and the only time that's ever happened to me before was when i have been expecting

Mistiek Wed 23-Jul-08 20:49:48


Its so good to chat to someone else who wont think I am nuts.

DH is really not happy with th eprospects of having another one so we are hoping its a negative. I have been reading up other chats and it seems this has happened to loads of people.

Dont want to do anther test as I don't want to waste money. I had this a few months back and then had a really heavy period that had some clots (sorry TMI) so now I am thinking was I pregant and MC'ed or is this just part of how the implanon makes some feel.

Either way I think I must book a dr's appointment. I am also feeling really depressed had PND after DD birth last year and when I went to the drs in jan I told them I thought it was the implant but they refused to listen and just put me back on anti-depressants again. Now I am depressed and taking them????? Just don't feel like me.

My libido is gone, its affecting my marriage and my day to day stuff - so tired all the time.....

Dummymumm Thu 24-Jul-08 13:31:25

that could have been me writing your post. i am so depressed atm that my hv wants a psychiatric (sp?) assessment. i feel like i've got a little stick insect alien thing inside my arm but its taking over my whole body, and mind. the doctors keep dismissing me too. dp wont have snip and they keep telling me i'm too young to decide for myself that i wanna be sterilised. i'm 27 ffs! angry my relationship keeps reaching breaking point because of the way i am feeling. i cannot control my what i am saying, doing or stop myself crying for no apparent reason. i am shouting at ds all the time and i just feel like i am cracking up or having a nervous breakdown.

Dummymumm Thu 24-Jul-08 13:33:45

sorry, forgot to say i am on ad's too. since i have had the implant they have been changed from prozac to citalopram and now sertraline but i feel no better either. i am also suffering from random hot flushes day and night no matter what the weather is like.

girlsallaround Thu 24-Jul-08 13:42:23

sorry i dont know enough about 'the implant' but is that a hormone-releasing thing?

Dummymumm Thu 24-Jul-08 13:51:03

yes it's a little rod but under the skin on my bingo wings! tbh i felt quite similar on depo injection years ago. i have put on about a stone too.

sars87 Thu 24-Jul-08 19:36:32

Dummymumm - my sister was 26 when she was sterilised. She had 3 DD's and got really bad post natal depression after each, she pleaded with her doctor and went for a second opinion. She has never regretted it. See another GP.

I have watched some friends be fine on the implant and others turn (sorry to say it) but a bit crazy. You know your own body and you'll know if its not the right choice for you.

Mistiek Wed 30-Jul-08 21:47:51

OK - so I took everything you all said on board - had others on another thread say that I am just being Paranoid.

I did another test and it came out negative - so thats 2 negatives now! So I can't be....

On Friday I had the worst cramp ever - they felt like the start of labour! and then by Sunday all feelings had subsided and I thought cool - it will be a few more weeks before this all starts again.....

Its been 2 days and this evenign I feel dreadful! I could barley eat dinner and then thought I was going to throw up. My pelvis stated hurting again today (I had spd in my last pregnancy) had loads of hot flushes (not good in this heat we are having) and kept feeling like I was going to pass out.

Thank goodness I have the docotrs tomorrow.

Dummymum - sorry I have not posted anything back - my life is a little hectic at the moment - looking for a new home to rent! I hope you get sorted and if I were yo I would get a second apinion! you have the right to see another doctor.

wishx Tue 19-Aug-08 08:11:18

omg is this all true?! i mean of course i belive you all but im 16 and my bf is 15 and iv had the implant for over a year now, iv read that being overweight affects the implant but im not im like 6-8 and iv been saying to my bf i think im preg but he thinks im crazy cos im on the implant but iv been reading and this has happened to loads of people?! my symtons are neausea almost all the time small apitie then carving for a large meal then not eating which is weird for me i normaly eat well, pains in my stomach like period pains but werid ones. i even fainted on firday and for some reason im so fasinated by babies all of a sudden?! and my boobs are killing me! please advise!

wishx Tue 19-Aug-08 09:28:25

also when i say craving for a large meal i mean wanting one but eating a few mouthfuls and feeling really sick

charlene19 Wed 18-Mar-09 21:25:35

this is so helpful as i have been worrying for ages and throught i was the onli one thank god im not, i have been having feeling like i feel like im preg but i have done test and they come bk neg, i have had implant in for 5months now and i ahavent had any sign of a period at all, i keep getting misable and so moody with every one just like i was when i was preg, im putting so much weight on around my belly i just dont no wot to do i havent seen a doc yet

mum2terrortot Tue 21-Apr-09 15:40:47

hiya, new gal here.
Ive had the implant in for 2years, had it out in two weeks after my first child was born, in that 2years Ive only ever had 1 heavy period. i went to the doctors and was told this is normal. for the past few weeks Ive been feeling so rough, excruciating headaches, feeling sick, wanting to sleep all day, being very exhausted, Ive always been a big gal but now im putting on weight a lot quicker, Ive always suffered from bad back pain since i was first pregnant but lately even doing the hoovering i have to flop on the sofa in so much pain. these past two days my tummy has been feeling so weird, like i can feel hard beating pulse and fluttering, im aching all over. my partner says its because Ive been putting weight on but im hardly eating because i feel sick most of the time. im so scared i could be pregnant but didn't think it would be possible as i have the implant. really need some advice as i don't really wanna got to the doctors and be laughed at, i don't really want to tell my partner that i think i might be pregnant as i know he isn't to keen on the idea of another baby just yet. any advice would be fantastic.
maxine xx

mum2terrortot Tue 21-Apr-09 15:45:25

************************hiya, new gal here.
Ive had the implant in for 2years, had it *****PUT in two weeks after my first child was born.

AbbieJade Fri 24-Apr-09 19:28:48

I have had the implant since November 2008, I have never had any weird side effects with the implant, and no periods.
I have had the implant for 5 months now and i have started having weird feelings. I don't have any kids atm so i wouldn't know what it feels like to be pregnant, the symtoms i have are feeing tired permantly, gaining alot of weight, sore breasts, a sore stomach and a huge fasination with baby's. My stomach is also a little rounder.

I'm too scared to take a test.. Does anyone know/think that i could be pregant? Any help would be great thanks

hunnyc Sat 30-May-09 11:15:47

hi everyone i had the implant put in, in septemeber last year i think i might be pregnant but i have done 2 test and they have both said negative when i saw my bf after coming back on holiday he told me i looked like i had a glow?? then when i saw someone else they said i looked differnt (might not be anything major??) lol but i keep getting cramp like feelings and keep wanting it to be my period but havnt had it since april 7th so im either late and pregnant or not pregnant and the implant is messing with my body my periods had already settled by january so i have no idea whats going on lol gp appointment nessecary i think!!

30012110 Fri 12-Jun-09 16:39:37

hi i had the implant put in, in april, and have feelings that i have/am pregnant,
but i think the implant has, made me loose it, i put on alot of weight, and had rli bad headaches and felt dizzy quite alot, felt really faint, then i have wierd discharge, like i did last time, could anyone help :/ ?xx

Antdamm Fri 12-Jun-09 18:48:06

I had the implant in for three years and never suspected I could have fallen pregnant on it until the week before it was due to run out. But I wasn't.

I think the hormones in the implant can mimic symptoms of pregnancy just like your own hormones can mimic signs of pregnancy right before your period comes. Well, I think this is the case, but I am not an expert obviously.

If you are worried, you would need to get yourself a test and find out.

Hope that helps

Lisa1989 Sat 25-Jul-09 19:01:03

hi i got the implant in november about 8 months ago and i have had non stop problems with it.not had a period since i got it but non stop discharge sore heads sore boobs feeling dizzy and put on loads of weight mood swings cryinng. this was my first method of contrecption as i was with my first proper bf i thought this would be better as u dont need to remember and take a pill and it lasts for 3 years. I took my mum along as i am scared of needles as the woman was abou to put it into my arm she said she thought she droped the implant she felt my arm and said she couldnt feel it so she would put another one in to be on the safe side my mum had to then go into th cupboard and take another one out and open it for the woman! after she had put the dressing on i was fine to go my arm took a good 3 weeks for the swelling and bruising to go away but was still sore could i have 2 implants in it?. As i had this disharge and kind of period i decided to go back to the clinic and i was told they would need to take swabs for stis i felt embarrassed as i had only slept with my bf and no one else and he was the same. As she was going to start the swab her clips snapped cuttin me down there blush after all this the tests came back clear. my arm however was sore to touch i felt this wasnt right and decided to go back i saw about 4 nurses who all said these things were normal and it would settle down i asked all these nurses to check my arm to see if they could feel 2 implants all of them said they could all feel one. i then went to the clinic in glasgow for a scan as i wasnt satisfied with this the woman there felt my arm and said there was deffo 2 implants in my arm angry she showed me on the scan she took and she was angry at why no one had noticed this sooner she then took one of them out. my arm still feels sore although the disharge has stopped a bit i am debating whether to have the other removed and choose something else you go to these people thinking they know what they are doing and trust them i just wanted to let others know about this and that i wouldnt advise anyone to get the implant i have went on a bit much but i just wanted to speak to someone that may have been through the same as me would be great to here back from somone.

jademarie Tue 12-Jan-10 01:53:04

I don't feel pregnant i just feel sick now and then,
But i swear that i feel movement in my abdomen i have had te implant since june 2009 and i keep getting a kicking sensation in my abdomen, does anybody elee get that?

Ive already had one kid and it feels so much like when the baby gives a little kick.

keddgy Tue 13-Apr-10 16:46:18

hi all
iv been feeling very tired, got really bad back ache and been putting on weight iv been on the implant now for about a year and never felt like this before this is the first month iv not had my period. iv got a little boy already and wouldnt mind having another child.A couple of ppl who i no have just found out there pregnant do you thing becouse of the implant and the fact i want another child my bodys making me feel like this.

birchykel Thu 13-May-10 19:12:45

Hey, Im the same Keddgy....I want another child so badly and my implant isnt due to come out till next march, my partner doesnt want anther child. I am bloated,tired,feel light headed and mood swings. My tummy feels weird, and recently lost weight but seem and feel to have put it back on so quickly and my tummy feels huge. Its just strange. Stomach pains, like period pains. But am I wanting a baby so much that I just think its pregnancy? I will probably start my period in a few days and feel rubbish again.

I want to do a test but am scared of the outcome.

kayleighxx Thu 19-Aug-10 21:35:51

hey, im 17 and ive had the implant about 5 months now. i got the implant because when i lost my virginity to my boyfriend im still with now, i fell pregnant. but i miscarried so i thought this would be the best option as its the most effective contraception. but from being pregnant before, im getting the same symptoms now. my bellys looks like im a good few months pregnant, my boobs are sore, i didnt suffer from morning sickness before nor do i now. but ive got cravings too and headaches. i no they say that the implant gives you the same symptons as pregnany but im really scared. i dont wanna tell my boyfriend incase im not, i dont want to worry him. im to scared to get a test so could anyone tell me if theyve ever fallen pregnant on the implant? by the way, i wasnt pregnant when i got the implant, i got the implant a couple of weeks after i miscarried. please can someone write back ASAP xxxx

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