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Implantation Bleed?

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Em2121 Mon 21-Jul-08 16:26:36

Hi -

I'm sure this has been done before here, but here goes...

Had an accident with DH on day 7 of my cycle (end of my period). I'm on day 14 now (I think...not counting as not TTC), and yesterday started to bleed. I put it down to being a very early period (my cycle is normally 26 days), but it stopped as soon as it had started. It wasn't like a normal period either - usually when it starts it's very heavy and bright red immediately, and I find myself having to walk suddenly and very briskly across the office to the loo. This was very short (literally a few hours) and brown. It was during the Race for Life too! shock

Could this be an implantation bleed? I have 2 kids, and didn't have one with either of them, so am a bit confused. And worried too - just remembered from TTC my last that I do ovulate quite early.

Any advice welcome girls!


mrsleroyjethrogibbs Mon 21-Jul-08 21:15:27

well it does rather sound like it doesnt it...ooooo

ScaryHairy Mon 21-Jul-08 21:29:43

It could be, but could it also be an ovulation bleed? Or had you had sex the night before (which might have caused some bleeding)?

Em2121 Mon 21-Jul-08 21:37:59

Yes, we'd had sex the night before too, but it was too much blood to be explained by that. I don't think it was the run either as I run 5k at least once a week and haven't had that happen before.

Ovulation bleed? I've never come across that before, will get Googling, thanks...

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