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2ww symptom spotting....

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dinkyboysmum Mon 21-Jul-08 14:31:11

af was due friday, but still hasnt shown up.
anyway, i have 'certain' symptoms that i remember from early days with ds1.
- very sore (.)(.)
- had cramps late last week, but now nothing
- tired tired tired
- need to wee all the time
- constipation (sorry! tmi)

probably just a longer than normal cycle? didnt use opk so dont know when i O'd, but from cm i know it has happened. no medical history of anything to note. i dont know! i'm going to try and wait till friday before testing. I've done 4 hpts so far , all BFN (altho the first two of those was incredibly early! blush)

can anyone share their recent pre-BFP symptoms.

mamafelix Tue 22-Jul-08 08:18:20

Hey dinky...what news??? I felt someone should respond to you at this oh so stressful time...

How many days ago did you ovulate (do you think)? All symptoms sound VERY encouraging...I had a few twingey cramps and an increasing need to wee, but not the sore boobs. They are usually the first sign, though.

I got a pretty strong BFP at 13 days post ov, but it does vary from person to person. Good luck with resisting the tests, it's not easy!

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