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I have about had enough, not responding to clomid.

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cedar12 Mon 21-Jul-08 12:26:22

I have just about had it, have been ttc for 3 1/2 year now! in this time I have had 2 ectopic so only have one tube. one failed ivf attempt ended up in hospital with an infection. Started on clomid 3 months ago and have just gone upto 100mg. Just got back from my scan and just feel like crying still only one follicle. I am really worried my body has just about had it I am only 29 but last year my fsh was 8. something when we did ivf. I know it not over 10 but I thought it should be lower at my age. it was only 4.3 after my first ectopic 3 years ago. I ovulate with out the clomid so it not really doing anything at the moment. My periods are really light and cycle have been irregular changing by about 5-6 day. Just needed write this all down really before I explode.

littlemissdaisy Mon 21-Jul-08 14:51:07

Hi Cedar, I am so with you, I am not responding on Clomid either, I have done 3 cycles at 100mg and still nothing, on the verge of giving up, I have an appointment to see the consultant in September to discuss next steps but to be honest I don't give a shit anymore...

cedar12 Mon 21-Jul-08 16:32:20

Hi Little miss daisy, I really thought clomid would be the miracle cure. I am slowly loosing all hope. How long have you been ttc? I also have an appointment for sept I have been told to start looking into ivf etc again, but wont get it on the nhs.

anniemac Tue 22-Jul-08 13:15:30

Message withdrawn

LexieMinter Tue 22-Jul-08 14:32:13

Have any of you ladies trying to conceive tried accupuncture at all?

cedar12 Tue 22-Jul-08 18:52:08

I tried accupunture did help my periods but didnt get pg maybe I should try it again. I think I will have to look into wheatgrass as I am really into juicing so could just add it to that. Does any one know does stress effect fsh I was very stressed at time of the reading. Thanks for replys feeling alot better to day going to try and bring app forward.

cedar12 Tue 22-Jul-08 19:25:16

Anniemac where did you buy your wheatgrass from and did you go for the powder or liquid.

anniemac Tue 22-Jul-08 21:22:00

Message withdrawn

cedar12 Wed 23-Jul-08 08:44:05


sars87 Wed 23-Jul-08 15:37:03

Cedar12, don't give up on the clomid just yet. If it all fails you will have other options available to you. x

cedar12 Wed 23-Jul-08 18:49:47

Thanks Sara Feeling loads better today I am pretty sure the nurse that did the scan got it wrong on monday and I havent ovulated yet as ov test has started to go + today. So I am going to be rescaned so fingers crossed.

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