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Me again - spotting question!

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cupcakeandtea Mon 21-Jul-08 10:26:51

Me again! Sorry to bore everyone again.

Last Thurs and Fri I got a faint positive line on a First Response test that then disappeared within 30 mins so presumed it was a BFN.

I've been monitoring my cycle via a Clearblue Fert Monitor and it's been high since Sat so I hope I ovulate in the next few days although I do have PCOS so I realise the results may be slightly skewed.

Now, I'm spotting and I?ve no idea why. The reason I thought I might be preg in the first place was because my boobs were really sore in the middle of my cycle when normally they?re like this before AF.

Has anyone got any idea what?s going on? I?ve had a near perfect cycle for the past year and the month we start TTC it all goes haywire!

The only thing I can think this can be is ovulatory spotting because AF isn?t due until the 30 July.

Heebychick Sat 26-Jul-08 15:29:51


How is your spotting now?

I think it could be spotting as it tends to be 7-2 days before your AF is due.

I am in the same boat, my AF was due on 31st July and i have been having symptoms since around the 18th July, then Thursday i started bleeding a bit, not much but enough to think it's an early AF.

It's very worrying.

AttilaTheMeerkat Sat 26-Jul-08 17:17:13

Hi cupcakeand tea,

Please do not use a fertility monitor at all if you have PCOS. They are worse than useless in such circumstances!. As many women with PCOS have higher than normal LH levels the kits will be reading that and thus giving you a false reading. It is also common to get multiple positive results as a LH surge can occur more than once through the month (particularly with PCOS). Another problem with these kits as well is that they assume that a rise in LH is immediately followed by ovulation - not so.

My guess for what its worth is that the spotting has unfortunately arisen because your progesterone level is too low (this can cause spotting problems).

If you continue to spot please visit your GP, spotting between periods should be checked out anyway to ascertain the underlying cause.

If you have PCOS as well you should be ideally seen by a gynae as this condition can require careful management.

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