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Testing times,,,dodgy test?

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barbara74 Sun 20-Jul-08 13:28:43

Had a 'feeling' I might be pregnant, so took a Clear Blue test yesterday lunchtime. I don't follow my cycles closely, but have a feeling I may be a few days before my period is due. Very feint positive, which came up very bright after the 10 mins. Have always started out with feint pos before so thought 'yay, I'm pregnant.' Decided to do one of those new extra sensitive ER just to confirm...negative. Did another CB and ER with early morning urine this morning...both negative.

So I am assuming the first test must have been an evap line/dodgy test and my period will arrive any time.

But at the same time I am worried. Had ectopic 2 years ago. Then I did a Clear Blue test (again because I just had a 'feeling' I was preg)it was positive. Went to docs - the test was negative. Did another one at home, negative. Docs said I had probably had early miscarriage so I went home...and waited and waited. Kept testing, different brands, a mixture of positive and negative results. Eventually I insisted on a scan and it was an ectopic.

Of course I still have a tiny hope it could just be 'cos it's early. Thoughts anyone?

barbara74 Sun 20-Jul-08 15:36:24


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