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BFP but still bleeding

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meep Sat 19-Jul-08 13:26:10

This morning I got a BFP but I have been kind of bleeding for the last 3/4 days. It has mostly been old brown blood like you get at the end of your period. No heavy blood - but had some pinker looking blood a moment ago. I also have tummy cramps (my dd has been violently sick so that could explain it)

Not sure what to do - but has anyone had any experience? Is it likely that I am losing the baby?

Have to go out in a minute but will reply when I get back.

babytime Sat 19-Jul-08 13:35:09


It could just be an implantation bleed.

It may also be a chemical pregnancy. Was the line bold? If it is a chemical pregnancy then if you test in a few days you will get a bfn or a faint bfp.

You could see if you could go for an early scan.

Its horrible not knowing.

Big hugs and goodluck

meep Sat 19-Jul-08 15:25:45

thanks babytime. What is a chemical pregnancy?

It was a bold line - no mistaking it - much stronger than I had with dd. I have bought some more tests and will do another one tomorrow morning.

WorzselMummage Sat 19-Jul-08 15:28:11

When i was pregnant whith my Daugter i had a 'period', it was brown,almost black at times, lighter then normal and shorter too. I wouldn't have tested except df made me, the test was really faint at the beginning but go darker and she's 3 now and fine.

I wouldnt panic atall unless its red blood or you have a lot of pain, some cramping is normal in early pregnancy.

babytime Sat 19-Jul-08 15:35:31

Meep - I am not a pro on this subject but I think its where the egg does not implant and so ends before if even gets going properly. Happened to me in April and only just found out the term for it recently on here.

It happens alot to women but we dont realise as it happens around the time we were due on. But because we use all these early testers now we notice them happen.

I think the line is usually very faint.

Because you had a strong line it maybe an implantation bleed so try testing again in a couple of days or go to your gp for a blood test.

Alot of people on here have experienced the same as you and found they were still pregnant.

I was hoping the same thing as I had this too last week but my faint line was so faint I think it was an evaporation line. I had a really super light period. I still feel pregnant so I am going to try next week when I would be 6 weeks. I have spoke to a few other people who did not get positives until around this time.

Good luck!

meep Sat 19-Jul-08 15:42:01

I'm feeling much more balanced about the whole thing. It is either implantation bleeding with stomach cramps (also possibly due to vomit bug) or it is an early miscarriage. What will be will be.

TBH I wasn't quite ready for it happening so quickly - dd has only just turned 1yo and it was our first go at the proper time of the month! I will be delighted if I am and sad if I'm not.

babytime Sat 19-Jul-08 15:57:22

Ahhhhhhh - hope it works out for you.


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