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Anyone suffered with endometriosis??

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caspercat Sat 19-Jul-08 08:55:15

My sis has suffered with this since a teenager. She is now TTC, and i've passed on what help i could (ov sticks, thermometer & charting book & advised her to look at fertility friend), but would also like to pass on any happy TTC stories from others who have gone thru the same.
And advised her to come on MN of course, you were all such great help to me when i was TTC!!
TIA, xxxx

AttilaTheMeerkat Sat 19-Jul-08 10:16:24

I feel for your sister as I have suffered with endo ever since I was a teenager as well.

Is she on any treatment regimen currently?.

Ov sticks and the like will not actually help even if her periods are regular in nature.

The way it was dealt with in my case is through surgery (keyhole laparoscopy). She needs to find a good gynae surgeon at a subfertility unit with preferably a specialist interest in endometriosis - some gynaes are far better at dealing with endo than others. It can recur even when the endometrical deposits are lasered out. It can also cause stomach problems when the endo gets onto the intestines. She needs specialist help sooner rather than later, the gp is not geared up at all to dealing with such problems.

Would also suggest your sister visits the website as this will have a wealth of information on it.

shelleylou Sat 19-Jul-08 10:30:40

I suffered with endometrisis for nearly 2 years before i was diagnosed by a laparoscopy. I then went on to have HRT and Zoladex injections for about 8 /9 months. I had my last injection mid december 2005. In february 06 i concieved. So i now have a ds i was told by registrars i would never have. Admittedly i was lucky to fall pregnant as quickly as i did as usually it takes a while for your body to get back to normal.

fairywing Mon 21-Jul-08 10:19:25

I am in exactly the same situation. Just waiting for my cycle to return after 6 months of Zoladex in preperation before TTC. Its 8 weeks since mt last injection now so im hoping it will return anytime now. Im really excited but also terrified at the prospect of discovering i can't conceive. Dr's have had mixed views on how likely to conceive i am. Particularly difficult as i have been with myDH for 9 yrs now but we got married last year and everone keeps asking us when we will be having kids now, like its that easy.

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