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can someone answer this question about sperm count for me pls?

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whatawally Thu 17-Jul-08 14:33:57

I read somewhere (most likely on here) that sperm count is actually higher if a man ejaculates a second time within something like 2 hrs. So if you are trying for a baby you should have sex twice within 2 hrs.

Does that work for a shorter time also? The reason I ask is that dh and I did the deed the other night and used up our last condom, we then did the deed again about an hour later (ish). Obviously we had no condom so dh was supposed to withdraw (yes, I know very, very bad idea). Well he didn't.

We both thought that he wouldn't have much left in him after having sex once already (and yes I know it only takes 1). But after reading this I am now curious if it's true for a second time so soon after the first.

Am I making sense?
Is this a question that anyone knows the answer to?

I have put it under this topic a) because this accident was right when I was ovulating so there could be a pg outta this and b) I thought this was the most likely place on mn where people might know the answer to this.


pinkmook Thu 17-Jul-08 14:36:58

I thought the opposite was true - as far as I know if you are TTC once per day is reccomened as more than once will result in less/poorer quality sperm ?? could be wrong though!

whatawally Thu 17-Jul-08 14:43:09

Yes, that's what I thought. Wish I could remember now where i found out this info.

Logic to me says that if a man has ejaculated once it should take a while to build up his sperm count again. Therefore there should be less of it.

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