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positive test this morning but now looks like game over already

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CatIsSleepy Tue 15-Jul-08 10:07:09

an hour after test looks like my period started...bright red blood...
is that it then, all over?

now I wish I'd never done the sodding test but I literally could not have waited a minute longer

aaaaargh!!! angry sad

mummypud Tue 15-Jul-08 10:11:09

could just be implantation bleeding? i bled with my last pregnancy on and off for first 10w eeks and have a dd , also bled in the first weeeks with this pregnancy am now 37 weeks , hope all works out

purlease Tue 15-Jul-08 10:12:24

bugger - I had this last month except it was a week between test and period. The positive way of looking at it is that concepton is not a problem - that's what I tell myself anyway. And you don't need to hang around for ages waiting to try again. Sorry this probably isn't helping but this is what I was thinking last month.

CatIsSleepy Tue 15-Jul-08 10:15:04

oh mummypud I don't know I don't think so...
but perhaps am being too pessimistic, was so keyed up about doing the test and then so excited by the result-seeing that blood just seemed like a disaster.
I didn't bleed like this when I was pg with dd

what was your bleeding like, if you don't mind me asking? I suppose time will tell anyway...

CatIsSleepy Tue 15-Jul-08 10:17:58

purlease-yes, it's good news that we managed to conceive (hooray for ovulation kits) and in a way it's good I didn't have too long to get used to the is a bugger though isn't it? all that anticipation...and the thought of doing it all again next month...

mummypud Tue 15-Jul-08 10:31:39

it was bright red at times , but never in huge amounts , went for 3 early scans but they never found the cause, not sure when i had that first though

purlease Tue 15-Jul-08 10:31:47

Of course mummypud could be right.

pgwithnumber3 Tue 15-Jul-08 10:32:13

This happened to me CatisSleepy on my first cycle of IVF, within hours of a positive result, I bled, quite heavily. Unfortunately it was a miscarriage albeit a very early one.

Leave it a few days and retest. I did this every day and the line just got fainter and fainter.

I really hope you are not the same and that it is just an implantation bleed so fingers crossed. Sorry that you are going through this, not very pleasant to deal with, especially after the euphoria of the positive result.

pgwithnumber3 Tue 15-Jul-08 10:32:46

My mum's friend bled heavily all the way through her three pregnancies so it does happen Cat.

purlease Tue 15-Jul-08 10:39:16

Some other posters described my experience as a chemical pregnancy - basically egg is fertilised but not implated.

QueenyEisGotTheBall Tue 15-Jul-08 10:44:54

hi i just thought i would add something.
i have had this twice before. only time will tell as it sounds like a chemical pregnancy (where the egg doesnt implant properly and the only eveidence of pregnancy is gthe positive hpt result. ) im sorry if this is happening to you and i really hope the other ladies are right and its implantation bleeding. i would make an appointment at your GP or local EPU to confirm it or at least have it on their radar if the pregnancy does continue. be aware that many GPs have no idea about conception issues so it might be worth insisting on a referral to the EPU if you see the gp first. waiting for gp test results takes ages aswell so EPU would be be a faster option aswell. i reall hope you get a good outcome xx good luck
xx ei xx

CatIsSleepy Tue 15-Jul-08 11:07:20

thanks all

I will see how it goes with the bleeding over the next few days
I think in my heart I know it's over...and that purlease and queeny are right about the chemical pregnancy

but who knows-interesting what you describe mummypud, and must have been quite stressful I imagine...and your friend too pgwithnumber3

hmm we'll see
thanks again smile

pgwithnumber3 Tue 15-Jul-08 11:10:17

Good luck and let us know the outcome. smile

CatIsSleepy Wed 16-Jul-08 09:23:33

bleeding slowed right down and had stopped altogether by last night
no more bleeding so far today

so it might still be ok......??

PussinJimmyChoos Wed 16-Jul-08 09:27:58

You need to re-test in a few days and see if t he line gets fainter etc....only way to tell really imo

CatIsSleepy Wed 16-Jul-08 09:37:29

that's what I was thinking Puss, in a week or so...
am feeling rather cautious about the whole thing now

pgwithnumber3 Wed 16-Jul-08 20:08:05

I tested 3 days after having BFP and the line had all but diminished. If it is a chemical pregnancy that is how fast your HCG levels drop. You could probably test on Friday, see if it has got any darker. If you still are unsure, make an appointment with your GP and ask for them to do blood test for HCG level.

I really hope you are still pg.

CatIsSleepy Thu 17-Jul-08 10:13:01

ah thank you pgwithnumber3

have had no more bleeding since tuesday

but keep thinking about the missed mc I had before dd and all the things that could go wrong


am undecided about test-want to be really sure that I can believe the result if it's still positive
might wait til Monday
though am going away this weekend, would be good to know before then...

orangehead Thu 17-Jul-08 10:17:19

Cat with two of my preg I had like mini peroids the day I was due on. The 2nd time that when I knew I was preg after my 'period' stopped after 1 day. Hope all ok

pgwithnumber3 Thu 17-Jul-08 11:02:02

I bled for days, like a normal heavy period after chemical pregnancy. I am sure you are still pregnant, do you usually only have 1 day periods?

If you can afford to buy an extra test, I would go for it! It might put your mind a bit more at rest either way.

Good luck.

CatIsSleepy Thu 17-Jul-08 11:20:42

no, periods are usually 7 days at least!

am a natural pessimist I think
ok might test tomorrow-will see
will let you know smile

pgwithnumber3 Thu 17-Jul-08 12:10:39

Oh I am a natural pessimist where my affairs are concerned but am always optimistic for other people!

Yes, test tomorrow, if you are still pregnant (and make sure it is the first wee in the morning) then the line should come up quite strong.

How many weeks do you think you "are"?

CatIsSleepy Thu 17-Jul-08 12:15:03

5 weeks today

am spending this weekend with one friend who is pregnant and one friend who is TTC
am not sure if that makes me more or less keen to test tomorrow!

pgwithnumber3 Thu 17-Jul-08 12:20:35

It would make me more keen, will you tell them what has happened this week? A friendly shoulder is always good.

I am 11 weeks so that would make you due mid March?

babytime Thu 17-Jul-08 12:46:12


I am going throught almost the same as you.

My period started a day after it was due. I am normally on for 7 days, 5 days heavy and have to wear big night pads during the night. This time I only bled a little during one night and for five days it was so light and at times totally stopped that I thought it was finished but woulld bleed a bit later that day.

It totally finished yesterday and I am stil FEELING pregnant so bought a test and will use it with FMU tomorrow morning so we'll see.

I decided to do this because today I had some clear discharge this morning and I keep feeling dizzy and queasy.

I did test the day I was due and during the middle of one day and got an evaporation line on both. They did not stay.

I have heard of people not getting positives until 5/6 weeks or more so I am probably holding onto wishes here but you never know.

Have you still got your period, is it lighter than normal? How do you feel? Will you test soon?

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