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Periods after breastfeeding- how long before you got a "regular" cycle

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pulapula Mon 14-Jul-08 10:54:22


I have been waiting for my periods to return after having DS (now 12 mo) and finally got a period last month. I used to have a regular 28 day cycle. Now on CD29 and after some symptom spotting last week and 3 -ve pregnancy tests, I am wondering whether either my cycle is different now or maybe it is still affected by the BFing (although I have now stopped as of last Thurs).

Is it usual for cycles to be a bit irregular after BF? How long until it settles down in your experience?

RuthChan Mon 14-Jul-08 12:48:22

My situation is a little different because I didn't get my period back at all until after I stopped BFing when DD was about 13 months.

However, it returned about one month after that and was pretty much normal from the start.

I guess that the answer to your question is that yes, your periods can be affected until after you actually stop BFing.
As you only stopped last week, I would have thought that you'll probably find that it gets back to normal within a few weeks.

pulapula Mon 14-Jul-08 15:43:34

Thanks Ruth. With my DD I didn't get periods back til exactly a month after I stopped BF at 8months and they were regular from the off. I had hoped that as they returned last month they might be regular again but guess I should wait and see over the next month.

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