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could I have conceived with a coil?

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bellababe Thu 03-Feb-05 19:15:26

See thread on late period - this girl needs advice!!

charlie01 Thu 03-Feb-05 19:17:29

I did, but its very unlikely!

bellababe Thu 03-Feb-05 19:20:21

I know you did, but I think the title is misleading - not everyone reads the conception threads, but this is more a health one. A friend of mine conceived with a coil ( when her twins were 6 mths old!) but I have no idea of the likelihood of this happening so don't feel qualifeid to answer. Thought opening up another thread migth bring in some people who do know.

bellababe Thu 03-Feb-05 19:20:58

oops - I read yours as I did give advice - but you meant I did conceive - oops!!

charlie01 Thu 03-Feb-05 19:25:36

I've got a funny shaped uterus though which is why I managed it. Generally the failure rate is pretty low. Only risk is that because it was so new that it may have come out/not be in properly? Perhaps a trip to the docs/family planning would be good?

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